March 2014
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In this issue of our newsletter you will find an article by Claus-Peter Roeh, "Transitions as a Developmental Dynamic between Dissolution and a New Birth." We hope that the ideas and observations in the article can be taken up in many working places around the world in preparation for the 2015 Transitions Conference, sponsored by the IASWECE Council and the Pedagogical section at the Goetheanum, and open to class teachers, early childhood educators, therapists, doctors, and parents - all who are concerned with the development of the child from birth to age 14. Click here for the conference announcement.  

Also in this issue are reports from Nepal, Guatemala and Ethiopia. We are pleased to report that a center in Spain has taken on a partnership with Ethiopia - a deed of solidarity that is worthy of imitation!

If you received an earlier version of the newsletter, please replace it with this one, as a few corrections have been made: In the earlier version, one of the photos in the article on Ethiopia was incorrect, and the "Transitions" article was incomplete. Our apologies! Also please note the correct dates of the Transitions Conference:  Monday, March 30th through Friday April 3rd, 2015.

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Philipp Reubke, Clara Aerts and Susan Howard


Transitions as Developmental Dynamics between Dissolution and Re-Birth
Claus-Peter Röh, Dornach, Switzerland                                    
 In the development of the child  we see on the one hand phases  of consolidation, and on the  other we observe dynamic  phases of metamorphosis which  strongly influence the child's  development. New, unsettling  impulses lead the child into  transitional phases with their  own dynamics of transformation, but also sensitivity and insecurity. 
The intention of the Teachers and Early Childhood Educators Conference that will take place just before Easter in 2015 is to explore the qualities, dangers and possibilities of these phases of transition and re-birth.
Out of the Ashes the Phoenix Arises-
Waldorf Early Childhood Education in Ethiopia
Angelika Wagner, Mannheim, Deutschland 
Ethiopia is a highland in the northeast of Africa with great history. Known in the era of the Pharaohs as Punt, in Roman times as Axum, a mighty empire, Ethiopia accepted Christianity as the state religion even before Rome. 
 The people feel very 
 connected to  Christianity in a  deeply religious way. 
 Ethiopia has the oldest  Muslim community  outside of Mecca and  Medina, and has also  had a small Jewish  community for  thousands of years. 
Today more than 200 ethnic groups of different religions live together in Ethiopia.and into the large conference center's assembly hall. 




Partnership between the Geroa Waldorf School in Spain and Hawzen in Ethiopia


We would be very pleased if many others would follow this example, so that further projects of IASWECE throughout the world could find support.


 Read about the partnership

Early Childhood Teacher Training
in Nepal

Eric Fairman, Kathmandu, Nepal



Read the article about the training which took place in mid-January




A Waldorf Early Childhood Conference in Guatemala

Colleen Donovan, Guatemala
This year, Escuela Caracol was proud to host the
Fifth Annual Regional Conference of Waldorf
Kindergarten Educators. With 42 participants
coming from all across Guatemala, Costa Rica,
Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico, and even one participant from Spain, this was the largest of the annual conferences to date.


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