December 2013

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


At this special turning point in the year we would like to share with you several articles that have to do with festivals and gifts, but not the kind you are likely to see at home or in the kindergarten - instead, these gifts have to do with what we as educators and parents can offer our children through our inner attitude and commitment. 


The article by Clara Aerts describes the inner and outer tasks that confront us if we join a diverse network of people devoted to the salvation of childhood ("Building a Cradle for Quality of Childhood"). Reflections on the IASWECE Council meeting last October have to do with self-education and how it can help in meeting pedagogical problems in everyday life. And a special gift for the Waldorf kindergarten movement is the activity of our colleagues in China, who were welcomed as a new member of IASWECE at their recent conference (with more than 500 participants!) See the report by Susan Howard.


If after reading these articles it is still not clear that in order to serve young children it is essential to work together with others, then the summaries of research activity in this issue will surely document the urgency of this task.


If you would like to to offer a tangible gift in the form of a donation, you can read the appeals from two of our partner organizations in the Philippines and Syria, or become a supporter and send a donation to IASWECE.


With heartfelt greetings and all good wishes for this rich holiday season around the globe,


Philip Reubke, Clara Aerts and Susan Howard



Building a Cradle for Quality of Childhood
Clara Aerts, Antwerp, Belgium 

'For years now we hear in reports from different countries how childhood is under attack. When are we in the Waldorf movement finally going to do something about it? If we want to turn this tide, we will have to learn to work together with other like-minded partners, because it is clear that by ourselves we are too small to bring about real change.'


These words by Joan Almon from the USA in a Council meeting in 1998 spoke right to my heart because they addressed the universal "I" in me and in each one who is willing to work together for a higher cause that bridges our differences and brings us together as contemporaries in this spiritual quest.



Gifts for Children and Educators 


Reflections on the Study Activity

of the IASWECE Council in Belgium


Philipp Reubke, Thann, France  


In October the IASWECE council met in Mechelen, Belgium - 

32 individuals from 28 countries, most of whom are Waldorf early childhood educators or engaged in Waldorf early childhood teacher education.     


This year as we do each year in our fall meeting, the council made decisions about financial and pedagogical support for projects (see the list of projects IASWECE will support in 2014), support which we hope will benefit as many children as possible around the world.


In addition, we engage in study, and this time at the end of the meeting, each of us returned home with a special gift - the thoughts and feelings that were stimulated through our study work together. 


The First China Waldorf Early Childhood Educators Conference in 
Guangzhou, November/December 2013 
Susan Howard, Amherst, MA, USA  
On a warm November evening near the Pearl River delta outside Guangzhou, more than 500 Chinese Waldorf kindergarten teachers gathered expectantly on the shore of a small lake. Each held a silken lotus flower with a glowing candle, and one by one, each one placed the flickering lotus into the water. Slowly the hundreds of floating lights began to drift across the lake, illuminating the darkness, as participants walked across a footbridge and into the large conference center's assembly hall. 


Waldorf Education in Armenia

Olga Saroyan and Ani Bersegyan, Yeravan, Armenia, and Regina Hoeck, Überlingen, Germany

Interest in Waldorf education has grown strongly in recent years, and today the kindergarten in Yerevan has 80 children. It is independent and private, recognized by the government, and able to work without compromising Waldorf education.But there is an acute space shortage and the Waldorf educators are clear that the situation must be improved.


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Research on Early Childhood: Short summaries and links
  • Children's Right to Free Play
  • The Importance of Outdoor Play
  • Causes of Aggression
  • Use of Mobile Devices by Children under Two
  • Regular Bedtime is Good for Learning
  • Does Waldorf Education Support Health?




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