"One Day Can Change A Life"

Notes from C.A.S.T:
Jim Owens, Executive Director

Fishing is good for you. We have seen its positive effects on special needs children for almost 25 years.  Now, with our Take A Warrior Fishing program, we are seeing it with our wounded warriors.

Most of you fishermen out there already know this, but it's nice that others are starting to recognize this also.


I read an excellent article entitled "Fishing is More than Just a Relaxing Past-time; It can Help with PTSD Symptoms" recently on www.militarymentalhealth.org  that sums this up nicely. Here is an excerpt from a piece written by Adrian Zupp:


"Fishing has a pretty good rep as a relaxing pastime, but it actually goes a lot further than that - and many vets are reaping the advantages. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and general anxiety disorder (GAD) can be alleviated by taking up the rod and reel. And clinicians are taking serious notice. The therapeutic effect derives from the fact that fishing brings together mental relaxation, low-impact exercise and, very often, social camaraderie. For this reason it is now often referred to as an anxiolytic (which is, technically, a drug that relieves anxiety). In fact, there's even a name for the phenomenon itself: piscatorial therapy (and, yep, that just means "related to fishing")."


The article goes on to describe how fishing is just the right answer for veterans with high amounts of stress or anxiety and is perfect for helping them to relax and calm down.  In addition, research "does indicate that fishing has benefits for mental health."


Last but not least, the author cited research conducted by the University of Southern Maine, the University of Utah, and the Salt Lake City VA which found "significant improvement in perceptual stress, PTSD symptoms, and sleep quality for vets who took part in a two-day, three-night residential fly fishing retreat."

(source: Military Pathways)


While there are still not a lot of studies out there, we see it at every TWF event we put on.  We know it makes a difference.  Help us continue to make a difference for both our nation's wounded warriors and our special needs children.  One day can, and does, make a difference.


Jim Owens Signature

Executive Director, Jim Owens, Susan Bressler, Development Director, Jessica Kelly, Office and Programs Coordinator in their "Biz Excellence" Photo-Op 

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Catch A Special Thrill Newsletter
June 2014

The lazy days of summer are anything but lazy for the Foundation! We are moving at full speed providing events all around the country. In fact, in June, we will have Fishing Kids, C.A.S.T. for Kids, and Take A Warrior Fishing events in ten different states! If you are most familiar with our C.A.S.T. for Kids events, but haven't experienced our Fishing Kids or Take A Warrior Fishing events, you might want to see what else we have to offer. 

Fishing Kids events, designed to "get more kids fishing more often" brings large numbers of kids to shore events at one time. And each kid leaves with their very own rod and reel and a t-shirt.  Our Renton, Washington Fishing Kids event, which is in its 18th year, hosted a whopping 512 kids the first week of June. The following week we hosted 300 kids at our Island Lake (Poulsbo, Washington) event, and 100 kids at our Port of Poulsbo, Washington event. 

Check out all C.A.S.T. has to offer! Perhaps an event in a neighboring state will even inspire you to take a road trip! C.A.S.T. 2014 Events.
Ben Davis picture
Coordinator Spotlight:
Ben Davis

Ben Davis, is a Park Ranger for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and has been associated with C.A.S.T. for 10 years.  He coordinates the events held at Bay Springs Lake, which is part the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway. "The best thing about C.A.S.T. events is getting to see the kids when they get excited about catching a fish or going on their first boat ride," he says. 


Davis said he got involved with C.A.S.T. because, "as an avid fisherman I've always tried to get kids more involved in the outdoors, and about ten years ago, I was considering putting on a children's fishing rodeo.  I looked on the internet to get some ideas about how to do it.  During my search, I ran across the C.A.S.T. for Kids website.  After looking at a few pictures and videos from C.A.S.T. events, I knew that was the type of event we needed to have."       


Like all C.A.S.T. coordinators, Davis said it is tough to name just one memorable story but shared this one from about seven years ago.         

 Read more here
Words from the shore from C.A.S.T. for Kids
We are gratified to hear from parents, volunteers, boaters, and the kids themselves about what a C.A.S.T. for Kids event means to a family. And, now, thanks to a new on-line registration and reporting system, we are able to capture--in their own words--even more quickly and efficiently than ever before how families have enjoyed our events. We thought we'd share some of the sentiments that have put a smile on our faces (and, yes, caused us to shed a few tears) to start this year:


"On the bass boat John Caleb said that it was 1000 times fun! We love the live music. We dance a lot at home. It was fun dancing with my kiddo... Yes we danced like no one was watching.. Even though there were a few. Keep up the great work! Our family looks forward to this every year now. This was our 4th year to participate. It just gets better and better! May The Lord bless y'all and keep y'all and make His face to shine upon y'all!"

--Bay Springs Lake


"I absolutely love CAST. I love the organizers, the volunteers and mostly the captains....We have been blessed more than we can express. I never knew fishing could be an event we could enjoy as a family. I love all things CAST!"

--Lake Bastrop


"C.A.S.T. gives our children a chance to experience activities that even the caregivers might not have thought possible."

--Lake Pleasant


"We have one child who has a great fear of wildlife. Being with strangers who are experts in their field gave her the courage to face the fear. She actually touched a fish!   

--Lake Pleasant

C.A.S.T. Foundation named 
Non-Profit of the Year by the 
Renton Chamber of Commerce
The Renton Chamber of Commerce, along with members of the Renton community, have selected the foundation the Outstanding Non-Profit organization for 2014. The top three nominees were non-profits that: "distinguish themselves through meeting a defined need, providing outstanding service to its constituents, involving the community, and operating with a clear vision and mission." The other two candidates were Rotary Club of Renton, and the Renton History Museum. All three organizations were recognized at the Chamber's Business Excellence Awards on June 5.
Presenting the award for Non-Profit of the Year was Puget Sound Energy Representative, Angela Wingate (far left). Accepting the award (l to r) was C.A.S.T. Development Coordinator, Susan Bressler, Sue Owens (wife of Executive Director Jim Owens, in his absence), Renton Chamber of Commerce Past-President, Jason Parker.
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