August 2016


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Matt Rubin
1st VP
Franklin Park Mall 

2nd VP
Cooper-Smith Advertising
419.470.5900 x18
Cuttlefish Graphics

Time Warner Cable Media

President's Advisory Council:
Louisville Title
Aramark Uniform Services
5th District AAF Executive Board Member:

Executive Director:
office:  419.866.4199
cell:  419.260.9572

Board of Governors:
Gallon, Takacs, Boissoneault & Schaffer Co., L.P.A.

The University of Toledo
Harbor Behavioral Health

Toledo Museum of Art
419.255.8000 x7428
Impact Products, LLC
419.841.2891 x313


H.O.T. Graphic Services
419.242.7000 x365
The Blade
The Blade in Education
The Ability Center

Calendar of Events:

Thursday, August 11 
AdBASH Volleyball Tournament
team registration

Wednesday, September 21 
Fall TV Preview
Maumee Indoor Theater

Wednesday, October 19 
Monthly Luncheon Program
The Premier

Saturday, November 5 
The Internship Event
Hilton Garden Inn, Perrysburg

Friday, November 11 
Creativity & Innovation Summit
Hilton Garden Inn, Perrysburg

Thursday, November 17 
AdHOLEinONE - Indoor Golf
Fore Golfers, Airport Hwy.

Thursday, December 1 
Our Favorite Things
Hilton Garden Inn, Perrysburg


for more club information, visit:

Who Am I?
My place of birth is:
My hobbies are:
Reading, and fantasizing about cooking, visiting, accomplishing all the wonderful stuff I read about. It's so much easier than actually doing these things, and I can talk about them as if I had!
The last good book I read was:
"Yes Please" by Amy Poehler
My oddest habit is:
Fiddling with my earrings, while in conversation.
Device I couldn't live without:
My flat iron. Ha! You were expecting my iPhone.
My greatest accomplishment outside my profession:
Not jumping off a bridge.
The reason I got into advertising/marketing:
It's a natural segue from my design degree, and ultimately, my desire to promote what I believe will better people's lives.
Biggest influences on me professionally:
The Hollywood agent I worked for, and the Hollywood agent I married. From both of them I witnessed and learned about the good, the bad and the ugly. I'm all for the good.
My greatest (as yet) unfulfilled ambition is:
I have a few! and it's hard to weigh one as greater than the others. I will say they all involve creating environments and engaging socially with others (hints: my books, my atelier, my coffee house).
When nobody's looking, I like to:
Sleep! Seriously, how creepy is it to think someone is watching you sleep?
The one thing I really want the world to know about me:
I did my best.
Best thing about being an AAF Toledo member:
Meeting and working alongside local professionals who are positive and self-directed, with a common goal of infusing the community with the ability to recognize both the beauty and potential that surrounds us, and inspiring others to become engaged in their growth and sustainment.
I am:

Debbra Cooper
Traffic Manager
Division of Advancement, University Marketing
The University of Toledo

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Matt Rubin
AAF Toledo President

Dear AAF Members,
In last month's newsletter, we laid out a vision to provide highly relevant programming that will provide value for our members and their companies, support the attraction and retention of top marketing talent in Toledo, and facilitate meaningful connections in our community.
We're excited to announce the first of several strategic initiatives for the upcoming year that will deliver on this vision.
New Monthly Luncheon Format (2017)
As a marketer, time is your most valuable resource. We recognize that a two-hour commitment out of the office may not be feasible for many of our members, no matter how relevant the speaker or program topic.
We've identified a few solutions to make it easier for both our members and their employers to reap the benefits of the AAF monthly luncheon series, including: trimming the length of each program to one hour, ditching the buffet and banquet hall for a boxed lunch at a member agency, and diverting resources to focus on providing higher quality programs.  Our aim is to provide instructional content with predefined learning outcomes that you can take back to your clients and implement immediately.
Your feedback is essential to the success of our strategic initiatives. Please share your thoughts on the new monthly luncheon format with any member of the board. Our email addresses and phone numbers are included to the left of this article.  We will be sending a survey soon as well to get your feedback.  Please share your thoughts on programs, membership, events, etc. 
We look forward to seeing everyone at AdBASH volleyball tournament Thursday night!



AdBASH ~ Volleyball Tournament
Thursday, August 11

Rain or Shine Event
Thursday, August 11

for an up to date listing of teams and sponsors, please visit

Fall TV Preview
Wednesday, September 21

Wednesday, September 21
Maumee Indoor Theater

11:30 networking/buffet lunch
11:45 announcements
12:00 presentations

cost:  $25/person
(includes lunch and 2 concession items)

participating stations

Time Warner Cable Media



FOX 36



Buckeye Broadband

Monthly Luncheon Program
Wednesday, October 19

Monthly Luncheon Program 
Wednesday, October 19 
The Premier ~ 4480 Heatherdowns Blvd.

$25/member ~ $30/non-member ~ $15/student

more information to come!

The Internship Event
Saturday, November 5

Hilton Garden Inn, Perrysburg
8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
more information to come!

Creativity & Innovation Summit
Friday, November 11


Friday, November 11
Hilton Garden Inn, Perrysburg

registration and sponsorship packages are available

Company Profile

Since its founding in 1901, the Toledo Museum of Art has earned a global reputation for the quality of its collection, innovative and extensive education programs, and architecturally significant campus. And thanks to the benevolence of its founders, as well as the continued support of its members, TMA remains a privately-endowed, non-profit institution and opens its collection to the public free of charge-six days a week, 309 days a year.
The Museum's purpose from day one has been art education and it has long been a leader in the field of visual literacy-the ability to read images encountered in everyday culture and decipher their meaning. It is the reason why TMA organized the exhibition I Approve This Message: Decoding Political Ads, currently on view through Election Day, Nov. 8, 2016.
I Approve This Message explores how political ads are designed to appeal to voters' emotions. It doesn't matter if it is a television commercial, radio spot, newspaper ad, Facebook video, Snapchat story, or Instagram post. The vehicle for delivering the message may change, but the principles of creating an ad that sways voters' emotions do not. Essentially, the exhibition looks at how we process information emotionally before our intellect kicks in, a concept that is as applicable to visual art as it is to advertising.
For more information about I Approve This Message, visit


Welcome New Members


Madeline Flagg
BGSU Student

Erica Scharer
Project Management Assistant
Great Lakes Marketing Research


2016-2017 Membership Renewals

Please renew as soon as possible.

Not a member?
contact Patty with questions at 419.866.4199

AAF Toledo Blog

How to Submit a Guest Blog Post to AAF Toledo
The ideal length for a post is between 850 and 1,000 words and must not have been previously published.
Come up with a great idea. To be considered, AAFTOL blog topics should be related to advertising, marketing and communications. Write something that you would want to read yourself.
Send a proposal. Send a brief proposal to Please do not send the full article. Keep it brief: a tentative headline; two or three sentences explaining what the blog will be about; and one sentence saying why you are qualified to write it. Based on this proposal AAFTOL will let you know within three business days whether to submit the article.
Write with the reader in mind. Writing for the web is different from writing for print. The best way to organize the piece is to start with a brief set-up that hooks the reader. Then organize the rest in segments. Assume the reader is busy and has a short attention span. Short paragraphs and headings within the article make it easier to read.
Include a brief bio at the top. Your name; the name of your company (with a link to your website); and if you've written a book relevant to the article, the title of that book with a link to the Amazon page or to your website if the book is available for sale there. If you tweet, please indicate that, and include a link to your Twitter profile page.
Submit the completed article. Please submit your final version by pasting into the body of an e-mail, or attach it as a Microsoft word document. Your submission will be reviewed by AAFTOL editorial board. If we have any questions, comments or concerns, we will contact you.
What happens next? AAFTOL will acknowledge receipt of the blog within 24 hours, and let you know within a week whether it has been accepted for publication. If it is, AAFTOL reserves the right to edit the article, including changes in the text, subheads and headline, to improve readability and maximize web traffic.

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For more information on Career Opportunities, contact Patty at the AAF Toledo office by calling 419.866.4199, or send your ad and contact information to




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AAF Toledo, formerly the Advertising Club of Toledo, is a professional and social organization for individuals actively involved in the creation and production of advertising and marketing communications materials.  The nonprofit (501C6) organization was originally formed in 1909 and remains dedicated to providing professional education and promoting fellowship among members and the community they serve.   


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