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Mid-summer 2013
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Many of you already know that my daughter is getting married in our garden in early August. Why did I think this was going to be a simple matter of 'fluffing' things to look nice?! What the deer have left and the rabbits can't reach the voles have undermined with their tunnels. I have visions of the bride and groom disappearing into a sink hole instead of walking down the aisle.

Anyway, in view of the above I shall not be taking any appointments from now until August 12th. I will respond to emails and phone calls of course but probably not quite as promptly as you are used to! Thanks for bearing with me and cheering me on.





Try this vigorous scrambling beauty as a ground cover or container plant for captivating garden color all summer long.

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While you're busy sipping margaritas spare a thought for your container gardens! Just three quick tips will keep them looking good until fall.

1. Water!
I know it sounds obvious.... If you have a drip system do check that it is working properly. On really hot days you may want to run it twice a day. If using a watering can or hose try to get the water onto the soil rather than a heavy shower overhead where most will simply run off rather than penetrate to the roots. Observation is key. Revival is easier than resurrection!
2. Remove dead flowers.
Some plants are self cleaning e.g. million bells, and I will have gone over that with you. Flowers such as daisies and fuchsias need the old flowers cut off to keep the plants looking good and also producing more flowers. If you're not sure, email me.
3. Talk to your plants.
Well OK not talk exactly but do look at them - often. Look for slugs and snails, remove dead leaves from the soil surface and be ready to deal with any insect problems promptly. I like organic products that contain pyrethrin as it kills insect eggs, larvae AND adults. Take Down is the one I can usually find and is available ready to spray or as a concentrate


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Blend bold foliage and flowers to create a powerful combination that will hold its own even in the harsh light of midsummer. Read more in my recent Houzz article


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Just for all you leaf lovers - welcome to FINE FOLIAGE - THE BLOG! 


This is an exciting companion to our new book where we share bonus ideas for unique foliage combinations - and just like the book, we tell you 'why it works'. Consider it an appetizer - none of these lip-smacking combinations are in the book.


by Christina
Photo credit; The Personal garden Coach (aka Christina Salwitz)


Last month your favorite post was The Foliage Forecast. 


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Polk County Master Gardeners Fall Fling, Dallas, OR

Saturday September 7th 2013 (9-10.00am)

Keys to Unlocking the Foliage Treasure Chest


Discover the secret to creating eye catching combinations and vignettes, discover hidden leafy jewels and explore new ways to use old foliage favorites'. PowerPoint. Details


Polk County Master Gardeners Fall Fling, Dallas, OR

Saturday September 7th 2013 (3-4.00pm)

Reducing Maintenance (and backache) in the Garden

Learn strategies to simplify your garden and your gardening to-do list. By identifying the chores which you find most challenging and understanding which plants are maintenance nightmares you will become the Master, not the slave! Show and tell. Details 

Dash Point Garden Club, Brown's Point, WA

Tuesday September 10th (1.30pm-2.30pm)

Fall Fashion Showcase


Keep your gardens and containers looking fabulous even as we transition into fall and winter.  Join me as I show you some of my favorite combinations using vibrant foliage, late blooming perennials and seasonal color spots. Get your notebooks ready! Book signing to follow. By invitation only 


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I'll be back with you in late summer.


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