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September 30, 2014
To P/M or Not to P/M; that is the question?
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To P/M or not to P/M; that is the question?

To be Proactive or Reactive; that is the question.


Proactive - (Preventative Maintenance):

  • Schedule maintenance on your time,
  • Schedule Maintenance for slow times of the week,
  • Replace less expensive parts (before major repairs),
  • Increase the useful life of your equipment,
  • Have all the equipment running for the weekends,
  • Create a better public image with fewer machines down.


Reactive - ("repair as they break-down" Maintenance):

  • Repair your machines anytime they break down (weekdays or weekends),
  • Don't replace any part unless it is broken,
  • Get the absolute maximum life out of every part,
  • Keep used parts in the back room and "cob" together something till you can get a new replacement part,
  • Have to repair the same machine several times while the Band-Aids need Band-Aids,


Before we go too much further what is Preventative Maintenance?

I think that P/M is scheduling someone to look at and repair your machines on a periodic basis.  These are schedule repairs based on your schedule. P/M also looks at all of the washers, dryers, bill changers, water heating system and entire Laundromat. P/M is always scheduled during the slow time of the week and always when you have spare parts available and on-hand. Some of the things that we perform on a regular basis are:



  • Check the drain valves for proper draining (30 sec drain test),
  • Check the washer belts (replace anything worn, dry rotted, or has cracks),
  • Check Fill Hoses (replace any that show signs of failure),
  • Grease Bearing (where applicable - usually 80 lbs. washers),
  • Check water inlet valve screens for debris,


  • Remove front panel and vacuum out lint,
  • Check rollers (replace if necessary),
  • Check belt (replace anything worn, dry rotted, or has cracks),
  • Remove thermistor and clean,
  • Clean lint from impeller (fan blades),
  • Check dryer exhaust ducts and clean if necessary,
  • Vacuum lint from dryer motor vents,
  • Vacuum lint from back of the dryer and the entire dryer space,
  • Seal up any cracks in the duct work,

Bill Changers:

  • Clean Hoppers,
  • Clean Bill Acceptors,

Water Heaters:

  • Oil circulator pumps,
  • On Condensing Units: replace sensors, check for lime build-up, clean condensate trap.


  • Clean the washer drain traps and remove all the coins and debris that go "down the drain",
  • If you have a main water line filter; Change the filters on a regular basis,
  • Clean in-between and behind the washers on a regular basis (some operators power washer the washer islands),

 Anytime I can be proactive and perform Preventative Maintenance (P/M) on my laundry equipment; I have found that it was time well invested. A good P/M program will save you time and money. Time is saved by scheduling time for the equipment to be serviced on your schedule, rather than on an emergency basis. How many times have you had to drop everything on a weekend and have to repair a bill changer or a circulator on your hot water heating system? How many dryer fires are caused by excess lint in the dryer or in the exhaust ducts? How many washer have clogged drain valves on a weekend, but also had the same bra wires in the drain valves the week before?


A good P/M program will greatly reduce the number of machine repairs. It will not eliminate all of the repairs, but it will greatly reduce the "emergencies" that happen (according to "Murphy" at the worst possible time.


Keep it clean and you will have fewer repairs.  A Laundromat owner spent over $1,000 in replacing dryer motors that should have lasted for another 5 years.  But because this customer did not vacuum out the dryers and the dryer motor air vents, the motors over-heated and burned up.  The labor, parts, down-time and the negative image of several broken dryers are all huge expenses that cost the Laundromat owner dearly.  Time and time again HK is asked to repair machines that have broken down due to a lack of P/M.  Just from an economic point of view, the dollars spent on P/M are dollars wisely invested.  The problem is that some Laundromat owners do not see the advantage of a good P/M program.  The lack of preventative maintenance will result in less efficient washers and dryers, higher utility bills, and much greater repair costs.  These un-necessary expenses directly reduce the profitability of the Laundromat.


Some Real Life Cause & Effect examples:


Clogged Lint Screens = Longer Dryer Times, Excessive Gas Bills, Angry Customers

Lint Clogging Dryer Motor Vents = Brunt Dryer Motors


Ripped Lint Screens = Violently Shaking & Noisy Dryers


Excessive Lint Behind Dryers = Possible Dryer Fire


Rotten Washer Fill Hoses = Broken Fill Hoses & Lots of Water Damage


Clogged Washer Drains = Clothes coming out Wet & Angry Customers


Obstructions in Drain Valves = Long Wash Cycles & Huge Water & Sewer Bills


Dirty Bill Changer = Broken Bill Changers & Angry Customers


Laundry Carts Won't Roll = Pissed off Laundry Customers


I place my checklists on the backside of the backroom door.  I place the checklists in a clear plastic folder taped to the back of the door.  This way I can easily see the checklist and see if my staff has performed the required monthly tasks.  If the work has been done, they will place their initials in the appropriate box.  If not done, then the box will be blank.  At a glance I can see if we are up to date with our maintenance tasks or if we are falling behind.  I will also spot check a couple of the items on the checklist just to make sure that the maintenance has been completed.  You can see the checklists we use for 2 of our Laundromats (one card and the other coin operated).    

Videos - HK now has Service & Preventative Maintenance Videos on our website for your convenience.  Check out the Videos on the side bar and below.  If you go to our website look for the Resources Tab, then go to HK Videos.  HK firmly believes that the most educated and self-sufficient person is our best customer.   


This week HK is performing our 28th Annual Service School to get our customers comfortable and knowledgeable about their Huebsch washers & dryers.  Washer & dryers are a huge investment and if you don't take care of the machines, they will not take care of you.  Laundromat has a minimal amount of labor required; don't fall into the behavior of just handling money and not servicing your machines.  

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