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March 18, 2014
FREE Washers
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Water & Sewer Costs can now be your
highest Utility Cost
Brand New Huebsch Washers...for FREE
Huebsch Galaxy washer 


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FREE Washers !!!

FREE Washers.

Imagine replacing all of your washers in your Laundromat for FREE.

Sounds too good to be true?  Nobody gives away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of laundry equipment away for FREE.


Well...ok it's not FREE, But imagine if water & sewer savings paid for your new washer loan payment each month. Still sounds like it is too good to be true.  I would be thinking, what is the catch?  Nothing is for FREE.  



It all comes down to what type of washers you currently have and how expensive are your water & sewer rates.  As a quick rule of thumb is if you have fixed timer washers and your water & sewer rate is the highest of your utility costs (higher than your gas costs); then we need to talk. There is a very good possibility that a large proportion if not all of your monthly note payment can be paid for by your water & sewer costs savings.


The old in-efficient, electro-mechanical washers that were produced from the 1960's to mid 2000 are very in-efficient washers. These washers have 5 water changes that give a great wash but now a days it is a dinosaur that is just too expensive to operate. Every time your customers wash their clothes, you are giving them a discount due to the high water & sewer costs. Whether you know it or not the water rates have been steadily increasing every year across the country.


Unfortunately most Laundromat owners have been asleep at the wheel and we have not raised our washer vend prices accordingly. So the water we are using in our 10-25 year old washers is costing much more to operate than our Laundromat competitors with new energy efficient equipment.  As our water rates increase we feel compelled not to raise the vend prices so we swallow the rate increases. Expenses go up and the profits go down. In effect we are providing a discount to our customers.


In a well managed Laundromat the total utility rates should be no more than 25% of our gross (washer & dryer) income. Many of us have noticed that our water & sewer rates are now higher than the cost of natural gas. This means that water & sewer costs are our highest utility cost. How did that happen? Well thank depressed natural gas costs and ever increasing water rates by our local water departments.


So as water rates have continued to escalate we now have a very unique situation in our industry. In high water rate areas, it now makes clear economic sense to replace your old water guzzling washers with the new, super efficient, Huebsch Galaxy 600 washers. In many cases the note payment on the brand new washers (and installation) will be paid for by the reduction in water & sewer costs.


This is mind blowing to me that I can take someone's old washers and potentially give them new washers for what they will save in water & sewer costs.

  • New washers for FREE. That's like getting a 100% discount on the washers you buy from your local distributor.
  • New Huebsch washers with a new 3 year warranty on all parts and a 10 year warranty on all washer seals & bearings & frame; for FREE.
  • New State-of-the-art washers with advance diagnostics and higher speed extract for FREE.
  • You get to save on all the current & future repair bills, for FREE.
  • You get future tax deduction by depreciation the cost of the new washers. So this is a tax deduction, for FREE.
  • You get to improve your Laundromat and provide Brand New washers that will attract new customers, for FREE.


What's the catch...this only applies to Laundromats that have high water & sewer costs. If your water & sewer costs are higher than your gas costs then we should sit down and perform an analysis. I have recently looked at a Laundromat in Orange county and also one in Ulster county where the water rates were so high that the customers would be able to bank about $500 each month even while paying for the new washers. $6000 a year is almost enough money to take my family out to dinner. If I quickly found 4 Laundromats in my territory where the water savings would pay for the cost of new washers, then there have to be many more Laundromats in the same situation.


If your water & sewer costs are out of control. If your highest utility cost is water & sewer costs, then please contact me and let us see if we can help you.  Please have a water & sewer bill handy and also the makes & models of your washers and we will also need the volume of your store (either turns or $).  Of course all information is held in the strictest confidence.  Call me (Karl) at 1-800-229-4572 and let us see if we can get you some brand new washers for FREE.

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HK Parts Specials:
HU70136101 Dryer Overlay   


Overlay for Huebsch Stack Dryers

List Price $ 35.76

HK Special Pricing $ 16.09 


  HU70298701 (Red rollers)    


Rollers for Huebsch / Speed Queen Dryers

List Price $ 30.89

HK Special Pricing $ 16.98


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