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March 25, 2014
HK 2014 Sales Extravaganza
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HK Sales Extravaganza


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April 9, 2014
  HK SE with Brian Wallace
Ethan Allen Inn
Danbury, CT
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Why attend the HK 2014 Sales Extravaganza?
What is the HK Sales Extravaganza?

The HK Extravaganza is a distributor equipment show that brings together all of our major venders with laundry equipment all under one roof. This event is a mini-Trade show or a very localized Clean Show, but without the travel to New Orleans. HK puts on the Sales Extravaganza each year to showcase our preferred venders and to being everyone together in one place to build on networking and the benefits of shared experiences.

HK SE people & Rowe  

Why attend this show?

Operating a Laundromat is a business.  The Laundromat industry has gone from a "growth" industry to a "mature" industry over the last decade.  There are plenty of people with lots of cash trying to get in to the Laundromat business.  Every owner needs to invest a little time and energy and learn what is new and "what is happening" in the industry. The HK Sales Extravaganza is a local mini Clean show where venders bring products and discuss topics with customers like yourself. The knowledge gained from listening to featured regarding the laundry industry is invaluable.  Likewise talking to venders and other Laundromat owners will help you operate your Laundromat better and more successful.


Who should attend?

Any Laundromat owner, operator or manager should attend the HK Sales Extravaganza.  The entire purpose of attending any trade show is to get "something out of the event" or a "take-away".  When I go to trade shows or sales events, I am always asking questions.  If I can learn just 1 idea to make my business more successful or profitable, then the entire investment in time and money to attend the show has been a success.  Laundromat owners are like little islands all by themselves, because Laundromat owners do not talk among themselves.  The Best part of the HK Sales Extravaganza is the networking opportunities with other Laundromat owners and with venders to share problems and solutions among other store owners.




The Ethan Allan Inn, 21 Lake Avenue Extension in Danbury, Connecticut.


Ethan Allan Map 


Wednesday, April 9th between 10 - 4:30PM


Come an join us and learn something you did not know about the business and industry.

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It is HK's goal is to have a timely, informative, and educational content on our website at   HK has just released the soft openning of our new "Resource Section" on our Website. The "Resouce Section" includes:

The Resource Section will be an active and dynamic section of the website where we will continue to update and post "How To..." Videos and Videos on all aspects of the Laundromat operations.  Please visit the new Resource Section at and let me know what you think.


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