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March 5, 2014
First 50 Newsletters...
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HK Laundry News

HK offers this quick 5 minute Newsletter to inform our customers and prospective customers of important industry topics, up-coming events, industry news and HK Special Promotions.  HK will only send out these Newsletters when we believe we have something important to say.  We truly respect your time.
First 50 Newsletters
I started my 5 minute HK Newsletters back in October of 2012.  To date I have archived over 50 newsletters. I have compiled a list of topics as a quick resource guide. Below I have broken down the articles by general category to make it easier to search and pull up topics of interest.  This is hopefully the start of an index of archives newsletters.  Enjoy.


How to...

Performing (the) Vend Price Increase    Part #6         8-13-13

Preparing for the (Vend Price) Increase - Part #5       8-6-13

Preparing for Vend Price Increase -Part #4                7-30-13

Vend Price Increase - Part #3                                  7-25-13

Vend Price Increase? - Part #2                                7-16-13

(Time for) Vend Price Increase?  Part #1                   7-9-13


About Laundromats

Listen to your Customers                                    1-7-14

When do you Replace Laundromat Equipment     11-5-13

Solid Mount vs. Soft Mount Washers                    3-19-13

Importance of G-Force in Washers                       3-12-13

Water Heaters #1                                               1-29-13

Water Heaters #2                                               2-5-13

Water Heaters #3                                               2-12-13

Washer Wow Factor                                          11-16-12

High Speed Extract                                            11-9-12


Laundromat Operations

Crooks are Lazy                                        2-19-14

Preventative Maintenance                         12-18-13

(Laundromat) Vending                                5-14-13

Spring Clean-up & TTD lists                        4-19-13

Turns per Day vs. % Utilization                    3-12-13

Turns per Day                                            3-5-13

5 Most Important Laundromat Numbers        2-26-13

Video Surveillance #1                                  1-3-13

Video Surveillance #2                                  1-8-13

Laundromat Loss Prevention                      12-16-12

Disaster Planning                                      11-4-12


Laundromat Design

Facelift Your Laundromat             1-18a-13



My Water Company Surprise                         8-26-13

A Case Study of Under Performing Dryers      4-1-13

Water Costs                                               10-19-12

Utilities                                                       10-12-12



How to sell Used Laundromat Equipment       11-26-13



RPZ Valves                                                   2-25-14

Final Thoughts on Laundromat Renovation      12-3-13

Laundromat Renovation - 4                            10-29-13

Laundromat Renovation - 3                            10-22-13

Laundromat Renovation - 2                            10-15-13

Laundromat Renovation                                 10-9-13

Drainage Basins                                            10-3-12



Distributors                                               6-13-13

HK Spring Sales Extravaganza 2013           4-9-13


Other Topics

What is Hot at Clean 2013?           6-26-13

Death of the Top Loader                6-19-13

(Why attend) the Clean Show?       6-7-13

Business Ethics                           4-30-13

Professional Tool Box                   2-19-13

State of the Industry                    12-17-12

Fiscal Cliff                                  12-10-12

Networking & the CLA                  12-4-12


Many a time the topic for a Newsletter will just come up in conversation with a customer or another distributor.  These are the moments when I know there is an interest in the specific topic.  Other times I will just write about what just pops into my mind.  These are the topics that I am not so sure anyone will read or find informative.  But the times I get a suggestion from a loyal follow is the time where I perform my best work because this a a subject that is a real interest to at least one of my readers.  You can all help me by suggesting topics of interest.  Please email then to me at [email protected].



    Fun Stuff ...
                thats where all those socks disappear !!! 
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HK is a family run business that has been providing "Un-Compromising Quality since 1967".  That is 47 years of trust, respect, and loyalty to our customers.  HK Newsletters is our forum to help educate our customers on important topics in the Laundry Industry.  HK is committed to educating newbies and veterans alike.  Please let us know how we are doing and (obviously) if there is any topic or subject you would like to know more about, please email me at [email protected].
Best Regards,


Karl Hinrichs

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