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October 15, 2013
My Laundromat Renovation
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Step by Step Planning


I have always found that renovations go a lot easier, and have fewer problems, if you spend the time and break down the renovation into small manageable tasks. What I do is mentally perform each task of the Laundromat renovation in my head and then write it down. For the first day, I will envision removing all of the washers and placing them outside and cleaning the work space. Next day, I envision jack hammering the concrete slab and so on and so forth through the entire project. This may be tedious work, but it is far better to invest the time now rather than have all lots of expensive labor standing around waiting, while you to try to figure out what's next.


In my first pass, I figure how many days the project will take and write down a general outline of all of the major tasks that need to be accomplished. In this case the outline looks like:

  1. remove the old washers,
  2. jack hammer the old slab,
  3. re-build the washer wall,
  4. set drainage basins,
  5. pour new concrete washer slab,
  6. move dryer end wall,
  7. remove 1 stack 30# dryer and add 2 more 45# large stack dryers,
  8. install new washers,
  9. clean-up the mess,
  10. open the Laundromat.

Once I have the general outline, then I start to go through the renovation process again and plan out each day and the tasks that are required for that day. I will also add additional tasks that could be done if we find ourselves with some Free time.


I write down the scope of work for each of the contractors; (HK, plumbers, electricians and carpenters). I will also meet with the contractors separately and make sure that we are on the same page for the scope of their work. I will also ask them to reserve me specific days for them to come in and perform their tasks. 


I try to keep their work area clear of other contractors the day that they are scheduled to work. This is so my expensive contractors can be as efficient as possible. Some contractors are "prima donnas" and get pissey when they have to share their work space with another trade. Luckily we have a great crew of contractors that play well together. For instance, if I know that my carpenters are working on the washer wall, I'll have my HK crew working on the dryers (on the other side of the room). We try to eliminate problems before they occur.


I will also make notes on what are the critical steps. Critical steps are tasks that need to be accomplished before we can continue with additional work. For instance I cannot install the washers until I have poured the new concrete slab and waited a couple of days for the concrete to harden. Another critical step is the underground plumbing inspection. Until the plumbing inspector approves the new drain line work, you cannot back fill and you cannot install the toping concrete. The trick in speeding a renovation along is to go from one critical task to the next as quickly as possible. Forget about the little details much as and focus on the next critical task to be accomplished.  This is the trick to moving a renovation along.


Many times it is useful to talk out the entire process with your team. I have found in many cases where I have been pleasantly surprised by my employees and contractors with their thoughts and suggestions. For instance in Briarcliff we will be removing all of the washers, jack hammering out the concrete, correcting the common wall (between us and our neighbor), installing new SS drainage basins and replacing the main drain line to the sewer and then pouring new concrete slab and patching the floor.


When I talked this over with Frank and my install team I mentioned that the timing was tight and if we were delayed a day due to a plumbing inspection we might have to pour the washer concrete slab on a Saturday or Sunday (which would then delay the entire job). Frank chirped right up and said that we can just pour the concrete washer slab and leave the underground plumbing exposed for the inspection at a later date. Since the SS basins will extend past the washer end wall, this was a great option to have.  This suggestion allowed me the flexibility to keep on my original time line. But if I had not discussed this with my installation crew, I would have been stuck with my original thinking and stuck with possibly extending my Laundromat down time.

By the way, my Laundromat renovation will be scheduled between Nov. 4th to the 15th.  My next newsletter will discuss performing as much work as possible before the actual renovation begins.     
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