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November 16, 2012
Wow Factor
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Wow Factor?

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Ohhh, This is a Good Washer !!!  

How many times have you heard that sentence in your Laundromat?  If you have older machines, probable not too often. There is a powerful WOW factor that comes from the new modern washers in the new modern Laundromats. A Wow factor is that people are noticing that you do Not have the same old washers as the other Laundromats in the market place, but have machines that at Noticeable Better.


What make a Wow factor washer?

Customers use all of the 5 senses to evaluate their wash. The Wow effect comes primarily from the touch (or kinesthetic). When a customer touches their clothes at the end of the spin cycle and feel that they are "almost dry", this is a Wow factor.   When the clothes get extracted in a 200 G washer approximately 30% of the moisture is wrung out of the clothes and the clothes feel noticeable dryer. These clothes will use less gas to dry and will reduce your gas consumption. But the customer knows that these washers are different. Better and different.


Visually, when a customer sees steaming Hot water entering the soap box, this is a Wow factor too. Customers figure that they are paying for Hot water and for them, the Hotter the better. I will deliver 125 degree Hot water to the washers. This is Hot enough to produce steam on cool morning but not too hot where I am wasting too much fuel to heat the water. (Life is a compromise.)


When your customers hear the High G-force washer start to spin up they can sound like a jet engine. This is somewhat distracting but also very positive sound feedback for your customers. The jet engine sound reinforces the idea that these are High Speed washers and certainly not your run-of-the-mil washing machines. These washers are different (better) then the competitor down the road.


Most of the other Laundromats in your market have washers that are older than 5 years old, so they do not have all of the WOW advantages of the modern High Speed washers. Customer appreciation is one of the most under-rate attributes of the High Speed Extract washers. Customers will tell other customers and spread the word of mouth that Karl has "really good washers". Our customers will talk about saving a quarter in the dryers (which we make up on the washer vend price). Our customers will talk about how quickly they can get out of the Laundromat. Our customer do not care about RPM or G-force or all the other thing us distributors get excited about. All they know is this that this store has "good washers".

Our customers will favor and patronize the "Better Laundromats" with the "Better Washers". Don't be just like the rest, stand apart and give your customers a good reason to go to your Laundromat.  


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the 200 G-force Huebsch washer with eBoost. 

Find out more about the washer with the Best Washer Warranty in the industry.  


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Fun Stuff in Laundromats...
Chick Dances Up A Storm In Laundromat Video - Full Version Dancer: Angela Trimbur
Chick Dances Up A Storm In Laundromat Video - Full Version Dancer: Angela Trimbur
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