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November 9, 2012
200 G-Force Washers
High Speed Skeptics
High Speed = Control
Rowe Bill Breaker Special

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Huebsch Galaxy washer

200 G-force Washers
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200 G-force, The New Standard

As I mentioned in my November 4th Newsletter, I would discuss High Extract washers.  I am very excited about the advent of High Speed washers being introduced into Laundromats and I think that this feature is one of the "evolutionary" changes that will change the Laundromat landscape.  All of the manufacturers will just on the High Speed Extract band wagon or become extinct (like the dinosaurs).  Mark my words, this is a game changer.


The High Speed Extract washers operate by spinning the washer drum faster in the final rinse to extract more water out of the clothes.  How important is this?  Very Important.  The traditional 80 G-force washer will retain approximately 29% more moisture in the clothes than a modern 200 G-force washer.  Imagine if you could reduce your dryer gas bill by almost 30%.  If we assume that 1/3 of your gas consumption goes to heat Hot Water and 2/3 is used by the dryers, then you could be saving up to 20% of your total gas consumption by converting to High Speed washers.  


Moisture Retension Chart  

High Speed Skeptics...

I know this is another manufacturers ploy to spent more money on new washers...right?  Lets take a look and so numbers.  If your Laundromat does $4000 a week in business this is $200k a year.  Of this Natural Gas is typically 10% of your gross revenue or $20,000/yr.  A 20% reduction in your gas bill would be about $4000 in annual savings or $335/mo.  This is not a huge monthly savings, but we have currently exceptionally low gas costs and the price of Natural will increase.  The $335 savings per month along with any electrical savings along with water and sewer costs savings can make a compelling argument to use your current washers is a waste of money and to up grade to the new modern energy efficient washers make long tern sense.  


Some competitors says that you don't need to pay for the extra high speed extract and that you will loss revenue in the dryers.  I counter that agreement with how does spending more money for utilities ever make sense?  Do we all drive around with Hummers?  No.  Reducing your energy costs makes good sense and will typically have a payback period less than 2 years.  Do you plan to own your Laundromat more than 2 years?  If you are worried about the loss in dryer revenue, add another quarter to the washer vend price.  Your customers will love the new High speed washers and will thank you for up grading your store.

High Speed Extract = Control


Why am I so excited about High Speed Extract washers?  Easy, it gives the modern Laundromat owner "Control".  

  • Control over present energy costs.  
  • Control over future energy costs (which we know will increase significantly).  
  • Control of your energy costs which then bring the Laundromat profitability up and allows you to stay competitive with your competition.  
  • Control to raise your vend prices because your are providing new washers for your customers.  Your customers are realistic.  They know they can't use new machines without paying a higher vend price.  

New Modern washers with Micro-processors, with Cycle modifiers, with 30 different water levels and now with High Speed Extract will increase your profitability.  Modern washers give you control to become a "Price Leader" rather than a Price Follower or worse a Price Discounter.  


I can tell you from personal experience customers love how dry the clothes fell coming out of a High Speed Extract washer.  I am on a campaign to convert all of my Laundromats to High Speed Extract washers.  You should too.



Special Pricing on Rowe 500RL-2 Bill Breaker 
HK has a terrific deal on 1 (one) Rowe Rear Load Bill Breaker.  The Rowe Bill Breaker has 2 seperate bill magazines for the ability to dispense 2 different denomination of bills.  (A $20 bill can provide 3-$5 and 5-$1 bill as change.)  This bill breaker uses the reliable Fujitsu ATM type bill dispenser.   Rear Loading means no one see you filling the Bill Breaker.
  • List Price $6100.00; 
  • HK Special Pricing $4995.00
      (only 1 left at this price)

Rowe Bill Breaker  

HK has been providing "Un-Compromising Quality since 1967".  That is 45 years of trust, respect, and loyalty to our customers.  HK is moving forward by being "social" and educating the Laundry Industry.  HK is committed to educating newbies and veterans alike.  Please let us know how we are doing and (obviously) if there is any thing we can do for you.
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Karl Hinrichs
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