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October 12, 2012
$70,000 for New Gas Service
Utilties the life blood of all Laundromats
HK Utilities Video
Rowe Bill Breaker Special

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Required Utilities 
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$70,000 for New Gas Service 
Paul Tillison found the ideal spot for a Laundromat in the heart of Waterbury.  Paul scouted out the location and was able to purchase the land that use to be an old garage.  He then contacted a GC and build his dream store from scratch.  Only then did he find out that the Natural Gas service was in-sufficient for his Laundromat.  He was then told that his location was at the end of the distribution line and that the mains would have to be increased to supply his demand; the price tag $70,000.  Ouch.
  New store owner beware.  Within the past 2 years we have seen the gas companied charge new service customers huge amounts of money to provide gas for their Laundromats.  This seems like an lighted veiled secret that new Gas consumers will pay for the maintenance and upkeep of the current gas lines.  So buyer beware, before you sign your name on that lease; make sure that there is enough gas capacity in the street for your needs.
  Paul eventually opened his dream Laundromat, but he had to delay his opening by 1 year and install LP tanks in his driveway.  LP is about twice as expensive as Natural Gas.  Ouch.
Utilities the life blood of all Laundromats
Laundromats require a tremendous amount of Utilities. Utilities are the biggest Hidden cost in building a new Laundromat. Laundromats will not operate properly unless there is enough Water, Sewer, Gas, & Electricity. 
  Without enough water capacity, your Laundromat comes to a screeching halt on Saturdays & Sundays.  washers will not advance the timers until the washer comes up to the proper water level.  With an under-sized water main the washers fill at a trickle and a normal 1/2 hour cycle can take 2-3 times as long to complete.  This is a customer Killer.  Make sure you have a 2" waterline.  
  Sewers are a necessity.  No sewers - No Laundromat.  It is that simple.  The average Laundromat will discharge Thousands of gallons of water per day.  This will over-whelm any septic fields.  No sewers - No Laundromat.  It is harsh but a time proven reality.
  Gas supply use to be a given.  The utility company wanted to sell you gas, the more the better.  Not so in the age of de-regulation.  (See the above article for the new reality.)
  Electricity is now probable the easiest Utility to get and increase.  The modern washers have helped with the AC Inverter drive systems now being able to operate on 208-240 volt Single or Three Phase electricity.  This has added a lot of flexibility to possible Laundromat locations and has also help reduce the electrical operating costs too.
  You Laundromat can not operate without Utilities.  Now-a-days Utilities are another "Must Have" in your Laundromat location.
 (click here for the article & video)
youtube utilities

Special Pricing on Rowe 500RL-2 Bill Breaker 
HK has a terrific deal on 1 (one) Rowe Rear Load Bill Breaker.  The Rowe Bill Breaker has 2 seperate bill magazines for the ability to dispense 2 different denomination of bills.  (A $20 bill can provide 3-$5 and 5-$1 bill as change.)  This bill breaker uses the reliable Fujitsu ATM type bill dispenser.   Rear Loading means no one see you filling the Bill Breaker.
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Rowe Bill Breaker  

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