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July 2015 - In This Issue:

A Month in the Media Spotlight

This is a sneak peak for what is to come in the next couple of months - our #ImamsForShe speaking truth to power!
This Month in Pictures
MPV's Omair Paul attending the in-person meeting of the Adolescent Work-Stream of the Secretary-General's Global Strategy on Women's, Children's and Adolescent's Health, co-convened by UNFPA and the UNAIDS Secretariat
MPV LA meets up with Parvez Sharma, Director of "A Jihad for Love" as a Community Partner of Outfest for the screening of "A Sinner in Mecca"
MPV's Ani Zonneveld on Thom Hartmann's TV Show "The Big Picture" on #BlackLivesMatter,  marriage equality in the United States
MPV-DC's Nabeel leads prayer during one of this month's iftar events
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July Recap
MPV at the UN
  • MPV is honored to participate in an in-person meeting of the Adolescent Work-Stream of the Secretary-General's Global Strategy on Women's, Children's and Adolescent's Health, co-convened by UNFPA and the UNAIDS Secretariat. MPV has been addressing the issue on how to combat sexual violence and rape as a tool of war; founder and president of MPV, Ani Zonneveld serves on the Planned Parenthood Clergy Advisory Board and is working with a national coalition of NGOs toward eradicating female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) and the strengthening of laws against the practices of FGM/C in America. 
  • MPV has launched the Somali version of its Universal Periodic Review stakeholder report on Somalia. Click here for the English version. Stay tuned for our social media campaign to be launched in September!
Ani Zonneveld's Take on Why Islam is on the Rise Worldwide
On July 23rd, alongside Omid Safi, Ani Zonneveld was invited as guests on Minnesota Public Radio on the worldwide rise of Islam, with the public calling in with questions. Ani noted that fear of Muslims is misconstrued, as the image of radical Muslims is being amplified in the media, at the expense of moderate Muslims.

Click here to listen to the entire interview.
MPV in the News
Update from MPV Chapters
MPV Australia
  • On July 26 2015, MPV Australia had its first meet up in Melbourne. It was a great success with and consisted of a diverse group of young Muslims from around the world (Syria, Pakistan, New Zealand, Egypt, Australia and Indonesia). MPV Australia's next meet up will be on August 16 in Melbourne. Learn more about MPV Australia by visiting its Facebook Page.
MPV Bangladesh
  • MPV-DC held its annual Ramadan iftar at the Friend's Meeting House in Washington, D.C., on July 11, 2015. With approximately 45  Muslim and non-Muslim attendees, guests brought and enjoyed a variety of dishes at this potluck event. The programe included an introduction by Palmer, Maliha, and Imam Daayiee as well as a recitation of poems by one of MPV-DC's members - Aref Dajani. He recited poems by two Muslim female poets. After breaking fast, the group prayed together.
Book Feature
Badshah Khan. Islamic Peace Warrior.

As the violent excesses of Islamic extremist groups dominate the media, Heathcote Williams brings us this timely reminder of a powerful Islamic peace icon - the 'Muslim Gandhi', Badshah Abdel Gaffar Khan, who founded a 100,000-man 'Peace Army' during India's 1940s sectarian conflict. Although Badshah Khan was as influential in his time as Gandhi, he has not enjoyed the historical recognition accorded to his Hindu counterpart - a circumstance Williams attributes to the drive, in the West, to demonize Islam. Badshah Khan spent much of his life in jail for his political beliefs, and was tortured by the British; yet he lived well into his nineties, tirelessly committed to his 'jihad' of peace, kindness and gentleness, which Williams depicts with clarity and passion, deftly employing the sensitive economy of poetry.

Looking Ahead in August
We have many events and activities planned in the coming month:
  • The release of the #ImamsForShe inspiring quotes series.
  • The launch of MPV's Youth Podcast series.
  • The publication of MPV's Universal Periodic Review stakeholder report on Sudan.
  • New MPV position statements.
  • MPV Malaysia's Capacity Building Training. 
  • Ani will join Malaysian artist  Yuna at Boyles Heights Conservatory Aug 7th in advance of Yuna's concert at GrandPerformances in Los AngelesTogether they will share songs, experiences as women and as minorities in the music world. 
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