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February 2015 - In This Issue:

Salma Arastu Art Exhibit "One" in Los Angeles - a collection of Rumi inspired artwork. Exhibit ends March 28th. 

Click here for more details. 
Poetry Spotlight


Our Hardened Hearts


The thugs of the so-called Islamic State have been executing people for the 'crime' of being homosexual. Of course we members of the Muslim community here in Columbus quickly condemn such brutality.

But I ask: If we believe that homosexuals deserve Hell's eternal fire; are our hearts not also hardened?


ISIS has also been executing people for the 'crime' of wrong-belief. And, we local Muslims are quick to condemn that brutality too.

But again I ask: If we think that all who are not Muslim deserve Hell's eternal fire; are our hearts not also cruel?


If God had not created differences in peoples, how could we know one another?

And if God has created differences, who are we to wish them erased?

- Frank Parmir



I AM...



am nothing but a pretty face
For you to stare at 
I am nothing but a moment on your time line for you to take a dare at
I am nothing but an illusion to what you want 
I am willing to be molded
To be that precious thing you want to flaunt
I will go out of my way
To make myself better for you 
Not for myself 
Because that'll never be true
I am nothing but... 
Said no girl ever 
Because a man and 
his wants  
Shouldn't be your 
prison during cold weather
I am something for myself
Better yet, I refuse to please anyone else


March 2015 Event
On March 10th, we will be launching the #ImamsForShe initiative - an initiative to bring together Imams and Islamic scholars in supporting women's rights. We are hosting a panel at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women Session 59 titled "#ImamsForShe: Sharia as a Source for Human Rights." We warmly welcome you to attend!

Click here for details and join the ThunderClap campaign to show your solidarity with Muslim leaders that stand up for women's empowerment and rights - #ImamsForShe.

February Recap
MPV at the UN
MPV in the News
  1. Ani Zonneveld's Op-Ed on al-Jazeera is an open letter to Saudi King Salman.

  2. Ani Zonneveld's interview on with Ian Masters.

  3. Thom Hartmann's reading of Ani Zonneveld's open letter to Saudi King Salman.

  4. MPV press release on the murders at Chapel Hill and the general anti-Islam climate.

  5. MPV letter to President Obama.

  6. Supporting the Women Mosque Initiative.

  7. On Michelle Obama's bare head in Saudi Arabia. 

Update from MPV Chapters
MPV Atlanta
  • We organized the Vagina Monologues at Emory University, which played from February 20-22. Proceeds went to support the Day League,  a community center which provides support and advocacy to survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

  • We hold readings of Rumi's Masnavi on Sundays at 3:30pm. Come join our Zikr community, which includes people from a variety of backgrounds.

  • We hold a Qur'an study group session on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM at the Landmark Diner on Roswell Road in Buckhead. Come join us!

  • On the 3rd Tuesday of each month participate in "A Heretical Conversation" in Marietta and gather to help one another understand and engage the emerging postmodern, post-denominational, post-Christendom culture. Email for details.

MPV Los Angeles
MPV Washington DC
  • MPV-DC is meeting for dinner and attending the Muslim Townhall Dialogue series on Saturday, February 28.
Update from MPV Affiliate

The "Imaan: Center for Gender Studies in Religion and Dialogue Islam Society" is organizing the first congress of feminist spiritualities of Chile, which aims to bring together a wide range of women around the  role of religion, colonialism and spirituality in gender policies. The event will be attended by feminist theologians, church female leaders, shamans, Wiccan, spiritual leaders of indigenous cultures and women without defined beliefs, representatives of sexual diversity and queer atheist and theology.


In the understanding of spirituality as an unconstrained cross experience to religion, women survivors of rape, torture and state political violence have been invited to share their testimonies and the role that spirituality and institutionalized religion has had on their experiences with violence. 

The event is scheduled for April in Santiago de Chile.

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