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January 2015 - In This Issue:
In reflection of all the violence perpetuated in the name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), here's something we should reflect on:

"Our thoughts are neither more nor less than our brain's reactions to fragments of 
The One Indivisible Reality. 
If we worship what we've named, we are idolators standing in awe of our own creations. 
Conscious submission can happen only when we stand awe-filled and befuddled before 
The One Indivisible Reality, 
confessing our ignorance and helplessness."

- Frank Parmir

MPV supports the #HeForShe Campaign
To all our brothers: if you believe that gender equality is not just a woman's issue, join the Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality and spread the word!

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MPV Events in Atlanta and Los Angeles

Sundays in Midtown Atlanta: 
  • Masnavi Reading - 3:30pm
  • Zikr - 5pm
February 10 2015 in Buckhead: 
  • Qur'an Study - 7:30pm

February 17 2015 in Marietta:
  • Interfaith Gathering - 7pm


Our monthly calendar includes spiritual Qur'an study sessions, open mic sessions and LGBTQI meet ups. 

January 31 2015: 

February 12 2015 at Harmony Gold Theatre:
February 27 2015:
  • Amazing artist Salma Arastu's Rumi inspired artworks. 

Ani Zonneveld on Charlie Hebdo and Blasphemy
In response to the attack on the Charlie Hebdo office and the hostage at the Jewish supermarket in Paris, France, Ani Zonneveld wrote an article in 50:50 Democracy on the disconnect between the teachings of the Qur'an and much of the Muslim population's understanding of the Qur'an. In this article, she provides ways for governments, the media, Muslims and non-Muslims to help tackle the divergence of Qur'anic teachings and practice and to counter balance the radical activities that are widely being reported in the media.

Free Raif Badawi!
MPV has repeatedly called for the unconditional release of Raif Badawi over the last few years and has harshly condemned the sentence that Badawi received for founding the Liberal Muslim Network - a platform promoting free public debate and discussion. 

MPV firmly supports and promotes the freedom of expression, whether political, artistic, social or religious, and we believe that no one should be persecuted, arbitrarily imprisoned or detained for declaring unpopular or so-called blasphemous opinions. The prosecution of Badawi and other human rights activists who have expressed religious dissent is both contrary to the example of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who permitted debate, discussion and dissent (ikhtilaf and ijtihad) and against the teachings of the Holy Qur'an.

How to Counter Radical Islam
Ani Zonneveld In conversation with Brooke Gladstone of the National Public Radio's (NPR) On The Media and in an interview with the Jewish JournalAni Zonneveld, Founder and President of MPV, talks about the danger in dismissing the theological basis for extremism. Rather, she argues that to effectively counter radical Islam, Muslims must acknowledge and address the religious roots of extremism.  

MPV at the Commission on the Status of Women 59
MPV will be hosting its first parallel event at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women on March 10th 2015 at 10.30 AM at the United Nations Church Centre. Alongside prominent Muslim human rights advocates, imams and Islamic scholars, we will be advocating for gender equality and women's empowerment in the name of Islam. 

VDay 2015
Want to help plan VDay 2015 and spread awareness about domestic violence prevention? Contact us at!
MPV Atlanta. L-R: Barbara Millican Khandakar, Kelly Wentworth, Tawnee Waldron, Sawsan Aleryani
Update from MPV New York
Do you live in the New York area? Consider joining the MPV New York (NY) chapter! 

This month, on January 10th, the January Service meeting comprised of a discussion on "Islam and Race and Diversity Experiences." In addition, on January 18th, MPV NY hosted its first Salsa and Bachata class instructed by Tahsin, the Vice President of the Steering Committee for MPV NY. 

For more information on the activities of MPV New York,

MPV New York Salsa and Bachata Class

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Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV) is the only American movement that advocates for egalitarian expressions of Islam, for women, for LGBTQI rights, for freedom of expression, and for freedom of and from religion and belief. MPV does this by creating inclusive spaces for religious discourse, the arts and social activism.