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2014 Accomplishments and Activities

2014 was an amazing year for Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV)! At the end of 2013, MPV secured Consultative Status at the United Nations (UN) and ever since, recognition and support for MPV's work has elevated to new levels. Every day, we work hard to advocate for peace and justice all over the world, while using progressive and egalitarian interpretations of Islam to undermine oppression and human rights abuses perpetrated in the name of Islam. At the same time, our work is irrelevant without the community support we have built in the US and through our chapters and affiliates worldwide. We proudly look back at a terrific 2014 and are proud to share some highlights of our accomplishments and activities with you!

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2014 Accomplishments and Activities

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  • We advocated for gender equality, women's rights and women's empowerment throughout the year:

    • At the largest women's rights conference of the world, the Commission on the Status of Women 58 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

    • Through a screening of Ijtihad: Feminism and Reform, which took place at the Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and at the School of Oriental and African Studies (of the University of London), in the United Kingdom, in partnership with British Muslims for Secular Democracy and the British Council for the program titled Building Bridges: Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk.

    • When MPV's Ani Zonneveld participated in an interfaith feminism discussion in Paris, France.

    • When MPV participated in a meeting at the US Department of Health and Human Services on US domestic efforts to prevent and respond to Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting.   

    • At the panel titled Human Rights and Women organized by the NGO Committee on the Status of Women in New York.

  • We lobbied for LGBTQI rights and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) rights around the world:

    • MPV produced the lecture series LGBTQI Rights in Islam.

    • MPV was represented at The Inner Circle annual retreat, an international gathering of LGBTQI Muslims and their allies from all over the world in Cape Town, South Africa. MPV's Ani Zonneveld presented a workshop on building an inclusive international Muslim movement that speaks with one voice.

    • Through a joint statement with the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office condemning Gambia's criminalization of homosexuality and its discriminatory repercussions.

    • When MPV, represented by MPV-New York's Bee Dias, Mahfuzul Islam and Omair Paul, partnered with many LGBTQI organizations for the Daily Beast's Quorum: Global LGBT Voices event in New York on Human Rights Day.

    • MPV's Ani Zonneveld was recognized by as one of "The Religious People Who Give Us Hope for Religion".

  • We condemned acts of extremism and radicalism and promoted intercultural and interfaith dialogue:

    • By attending the workshop hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations titled Religion and Foreign Policy.

    • With a program Ishmael-Isaac Educational Program in partnership with Temple Beth Hillel, Studio City, California.

    • When MPV participated in Homeland Security's Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) Workshop: Connect + Create: Innovative Solutions Against Violent Extremism.

    • At the Women Peacemakers' Conference Defying Extremism in San Diego.

    • When MPV's Ani Zonneveld was featured on 50:50 Democracy in an interview with Karima Bennoune on the struggle to organize progressive Muslim communities and institutions in a fight back in the era of ISIS.

  • We collaborated with civil society from all over the world in our collective aim to promote universal human rights:

    • When MPV's Ani Zonneveld addressed a Christian conference Christianity21 in Denver.

    • With the creation of an international faith organization Global Interfaith Network in South Africa.

    • When MPV participated on a side-panel at the UN in New York on the topic of Interfaith Progressive Values Promote Universal Human Rights.

    • When MPV attended an Islam Convening conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, along with other Muslim human rights advocates from around the world.

    • When MPV convened with Progressive Muslims of Malaysia, a sister organization of MPV.

    • When MPV's Ani Zonneveld and Kelly Wentworth participated at Muslim Institute's annual Winter Gathering 's in Salisbury, England.

  • We brought progressive Muslims together, locally and globally:

    • With the creation of a MPV Facebook page in Arabic and MPV Facebook Pages for supporters in South Africa and Malaysia.

    • When MPV chapters around the world hosted iftar dinners throughout the month of Ramadan.

    • With monthly open mic events for youth to express themselves freely. Watch the video here.

    • With monthly spiritual Qur'an study sessions, community gatherings and socials at all our US chapters.  

    • When MPV-LA hosted its annual Christmas party. Entry to the party was a donation of a sleeping bag for the Kashmir Foundation.

  • We spoke truth to power:

    • When MPV launched a statement condemning the sentencing of Shezanne Cassim and demanding his release.

    • Through our press release on police brutality and systematic racism in the USA.

    • When MPV's Ani Zonneveld published an article in the Huffington Post titled Museum of Intolerance.

  • We promoted freedom of expression and freedom of and from religion or belief:

    • During MPV's 8th Annual Retreat titled Islam for Thinkers, which was held in New York, discussing, amongst others, child marriage in the US and beyond, blasphemy laws and freedom of speech and critical analysis and interpretation.

    • As part of MPV's global advocacy tour, when MPV returned to Geneva, Switzerland for meetings with civil society leaders, diplomats and United Nations officials countering radicalism and human rights abuses in the name of Islam as well as addressing discriminatory practices toward Muslims in Europe with solutions. MPV also met with progressive Muslim civil society and UN Special Rapporteur for Freedom of and from Religion and Belief in Berlin, Germany.

  • We made our mark at the United Nations in New York and Geneva!

    • MPV's Ani Zonneveld spoke on a side panel to the UN Human Rights Council Session 26 on the topic of Human Rights and Progressive Islam: its theological application on countering "blasphemy laws", the support for separation of religion and state, gender equality and LGBTQI rights. Watch the video and read more here.

    • MPV was successful in adding language to the  65th UN DPI/NGO Conference Outcome Document Declaration, promoting a new vision for the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda.

    • MPV-UN Youth Representative Mahfuzul Islam read the statement in the Trusteeship Council Chamber.  

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