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Appeal Letter

November 4, 2014


Dear Friends of MPV,


As foreign acts of oppression in the false name of Islam have become common news headline, Muslim communities across the USA are increasingly facing the question, "Where are the progressive Muslims?"


Heinous acts of extremisms are speaking louder

than the rational expressions of progressive Muslims


Now more than ever, progressive Muslim thinkers need visibility to defend the true presence of tolerance and progressive values in Islam.


MPV has been that voice in this dialogue for the last 7 years and we are asking for your help today to continue our work in amplifying that voice - your voice! 


Our progressive Muslim voice is the antidote to Islamophobia


"...individual rights must be upheld regardless of cultural and religious beliefs." This is MPV's contribution to the United Nations' (UN) 65th Annual DPI/NGO Conference Outcome Document in August 2014 toward a just Muslim world where gender inequality, FGM/C, oppression and torture continue to occur on a daily basis. As a Muslim organization, we have become that voice people are hungry to hear. Muslims who have been arbitrarily detained and silenced around the world need us to speak up for them.


The human rights of Muslims around the world start with Muslims at home


MPV has consistently addressed difficult issues that are not always trending or popular. Our work includes:


  • On-going panel discussions at the United Nations in Geneva and in New York.
  • "It's Your Mic" - a monthly open mic event with a mission to create a safe space for youth to feel valued, empowered and celebrated, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, and/or any other aspect of their identity.
  • Annual hosting of VDay that promotes domestic violence awareness, LGBTQI inclusiveness, and women's empowerment.
  • Hosting book readings and promoting books authored by Muslims and about Islam and Muslim issues.
  • Movie screenings with producers and actors around social issues.
  • Promoting all forms of the arts by American Muslims and about Islam. 

How You Can Help


You can choose to help us through a single gift or through a monthly donation. Any donation amount or type is greatly appreciated and will ensure that MPV can continue to be visible nationally and internationally. 

Please donate now!

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On behalf of the MPV Board, I would like to thank you for your support.


Ani Zonneveld
President and Founder of Muslims for Progressive Values

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