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New York City

August 29th through 31st.
(Programming details forthcoming)


We will also be organizing events at the U.N. in New York 


August 28-29, 2014

See us in action, join us!

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A brief summary of the chapters in Quran. 
This Ramadan, rekindle your spirituality and relationship with God by reading the Quran in a language you understand! To facilitate those who find reading the Quran for the first time daunting, we, at Quranalyze It, will be posting short chapter summaries to get you acquainted with the basic theme and content of a particular chapter. It is important to note, however, that these summaries are no substitute to reading the Quran, and should be used as a bridge towards the Quran, or as an additional tool. 

Poetry Corner
Wander in The Wonder 
Frank Parmir 
MPV-Columbus (OH) 
Wander in The Wonder

No favored station
No determined path
No sworn companion

Nor guide nor guided
Nor tomb nor stone

Wander in The Wonder
Till It swallows you

The first ever extensive lecture series

LGBTQI Rights in Islam - 

A lecture series that seeks to dismantle the religious justification for homophobia in Muslim communities with medical, social and religious history. We have also included self-empowerment and mental health tips for LGBTQI Muslims.

A MPV Production
made possible with funding from
E. Rhodes & Leona B. Carpenter Foundation and 
Human Rights Campaign
Be Yourself. Be Muslim.Ramadan 2014
Happy Ramadan from MPV!
In June, MPV made major inroads. 
For years we have been advocating for human rights, justice, and using the language of Islam to push back against all the religious and cultural excuses Muslim nation states utilize to justify murder, torture, child marriage, 'honor killings', or whatever suits their fancy.

The United Nations is an international structure that stands for "human rights for all" and yet includes nation states that flagrantly ignore this mandate.

We are happy to share with you that we are finally seeing a shift amongst secular organizations, nation states and even die-hard secular Muslims that our movement's use of Islamic sacred text in support of human rights is valid and useful.

Watch MPV's President Ani Zonneveld at a panel discussion at the Human Rights Council in Geneva where she discussed "Human Rights and Progressive Islam - its theological application on countering 'blasphemy law', the support for separation of religion and state, gender equality, and LGBT rights". 
Ani Zonneveld speaks at the UN Human Rights Council

If you abhor human rights injustices as much as we do, then please donate. Your donation will enable us to develop content needed, to amplify our voice further, and to support the basic logistical needs of running a non-profit such as ours.

People are listening. Show us you are listening, too! 

Press Release
AIM - Alliance of Inclusive Muslims 

In partnership with our U.K. friends Quilliam Foundation and human rights lawyer Tehmina Kazi, Muslims for Progressive Values launched AIM - Alliance of Inclusive Muslims

We believe Muslims all over the world are extremely tired of the sectarian conflict and the injustices justified in the name of Islam. We believe Muslims all over the world want to uplift themselves and to challenge the oppression that keeps them down. 

We should ask ourselves:

Why is it when the Quran clearly states marriage is between adults of
sound mind, in many Muslim nations children are forced into marriage,
often in exchange for money and/or property?

Why is it when the Quran clearly states: "There is no compulsion in
faith," in many majority-Muslim nations, citizens are forced to adhere
to the State's definition of Islam, or face imprisonment or other
punitive measures under anachronistic blasphemy laws (which are
often politically motivated in their application)?

AIM is only open to self-identified Muslim individuals and organizations. Names will be kept confidential particularly for those living in fear of retaliation from their governments. 

Join AIM! 



MPV In the Media
Le Monde: Des Religions
Coming Out: Growing Up Gay and Muslim in America (Al Jazeera America) 
"We're not reinventing Islam. We're cutting out the middle part, all the political and social corruption" 
Le Monde: Des Religions 

French: L'imam est une femme (A Female Imam)

Iftars, Special Events and Ongoing Activities
MPV-Los Angeles 
Iftars - July 12 and July 17 
Iftar -  July 18


Iftars - July 12, July 13, July 26


Special Event - Los Angeles, CA
Coming out Muslim Theater - 
July 17 - 18


"As lovers of Allah and humanity, we are committed to liberation and freedom for queer Muslims, and all who stand at the intersections of identities, to be the shining souls we are, our light unimpeded by anyone's prejudices, threats, 'you can'ts' and 'you shouldn'ts'. We are real. We are." ~Wazina Zondon and Terna Tilley-Gyado.


We recommend purchasing your tickets in advance. 


AIDS Conference 2014 (#AIDS2014)
Melbourne, Australia
Room 103 - July 24 - 2:30pm
MPV President Ani Zonneveld has been invited to speak at this year's international AIDS Conference in Melbourne. Her talk is titled "Sex, Sexuality and Sexualization of Islam".


It's Your Mic - Los Angeles, CA
(will resume in August)

MPV-LA Youth Coordinator Tom Earl hosts a monthly open mic event "It's Your Mic" in Los Angeles. Our mission is to create a safe space for youth to feel valued, empowered, and celebrated regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, and/or any other aspect of their identity.

MPV's Open Mic is the 3rd Thursday of the month at 5998 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035. 414.719.6337.

Watch a Video of It's Your Mic Here
State Department's YES Program 
Youth Exchange and Study (YES) is currently looking for host families in the U.S. for some of their exceptional students from India for the upcoming 2014-2015 academic school year. 

Students come fully medically insured and are responsible for all personal expenditures. Students attend local high schools- the details in which they will arrange. During their stay, students and host families are supported by a local community coordinator. We ask that host families provide quarters for living, a suitable study environment and participation in family meals. 

Please email Kelsey Maloney - 
or write to her at PAX-Program of Academic Exchange
14 Willet Avenue
Port Chester, NY 10573
You are the reason MPV is able to do so much with a limited budget and all-volunteer community. 

Help MPV grow through membership and donations!
Much Peace,
Muslims for Progressive Values