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Hidden Heart
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What is an American Muslim?
MPV friend and Emory law professor Abdullahi An-Na'im discusses his new book "What is an American Muslim?" and the overlap between faith and citizenship.

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Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here
Increasingly frustrated with the stagnant, politicized public dialogue about the "clash of civilizations," Karima Bennoune, an international human-rights lawyer, professor and activist, set out on an epic journey to change the conversation.

Read an Excerpt Here
Frank Parmir
MPV-Columbus (OH) 
Love is completely unconditional
It doesn't care about ideology

Ideology sets conditions
It has no use for Love

We have no choice
Except to choose

Faith or force
Love or law
Hidden Heart
Muslim Women and Interfaith Love
MPV offers interfaith nikah marriage services and we often get to see the personal trauma Muslim women endure for wanting to marry a non-Muslim man.

Hidden Heart is a documentary film which chronicles the lives of Muslim women in inter-cultural/faith relationships.The film challenges stereotypes within and outside the Muslim community and, by showing the very real and tender struggles between individual desires and familial attitudes, it aims to increase cultural understanding in Britain.

Please support the making of this important documentary
Be Yourself. Be Muslim.May 2014

2014 is in full swing for MPV! 

The picture above shows one of the protests around the world in support of Raif Badawi that was organized with the help of MPV-Canada and in partnership with several organizations. Ensaf Badawi, Raif's wife, spoke at MPV's DC event last fall. MPV's support of Freedom of Speech and Critical Analysis and Interpretation are just two of our ten principles supported by efforts like these.

In this issue, learn about MPV's continued work with the United Nations, organizing the screening of Ijtihad: Feminism and Reform at Capitol Hill (hosted by MPV-DC) and in London, open mic night hosted by MPV-LA, and VDay hosted by MPV-Atlanta.

Explore what it means to be an American Muslim, Ani calling other progressives to task in the Huffington Post, untold stories in the fight against Muslim fundamentalism, and a critical analysis of sectarianism in Islam.

All this to continue MPV's mission to advocate for egalitarian expressions of Islam, for women, and for LGBTQI rights by creating inclusive spaces for religious discourse, the arts and social activism.
Press Release
Ani Zonneveld & Mahfuzul Islam represent MPV at the U.S. Mission to the U.N.
Muslims for Progressive Values Secures United Nation's Consultative Status and What We're Doing With It

Muslims for Progressive Values was welcomed on December 21, 2013 as a non-governmental association member with the United Nations' Department of Public Information.

June 11th, 2014 MPV will be hosting a side panel titled "What is Progressive Islam" in Geneva, Switzerland, at the 26th session of UN's Human Rights Council. More details to come.
MPV In the Media
Omar and Ani
Museum of Intolerance
MPV President, Ani Zonneveld, questions the Museum of Tolerance's support of Islamophobic media projects, such as the "Honor Diaries", in her latest Huffington Post piece.

A New Muslim Renaissance is Here
In TIME, Rabia Chaudry recognizes MPV as "a progressive Muslim movement" and links to MPV's YouTube channel lectures on feminism in Islam.


Traditional Becomes Progressive
MPV and members of MPV-LA are featured in the Orange County Register as it speaks to Islam growing beyond its immigrant roots in the U.S.

Ijtihad: Feminism and Reform Events
Washington, D.C.
MPV and British Muslims for Secular Democracy (BMSD) partnered up for an event at Capitol Hill, an event sponsored by British Council USA. The screening of "Ijtihad: Feminism and Reform" was followed by an extensive Q&A with panelists made up of Professors Karima Bennoune, Jakob Lindgaard, Producer Nancy Graham Holm and activists Tehmina Kazi for BMSD and Ani Zonneveld for MPV. MPV-DC helped organize.

MPV teamed up with BMSD in London for a second event sponsored by the British Council at the University of London's School of Orientalism and African Studies. 


Read Farouk A. Peru's Blog about the London Event


See TVApex's video of the London Event 


Watch the Ijtihad: Feminism and Reform Video Series on YouTube

Open Mic in MPV-LA
Tom Earl
It's Your Mic
MPV-LA Youth Coordinator Tom Earl hosts a monthly open mic event "It's Your Mic" in Los Angeles. Our mission is to create a safe space for youth to feel valued, empowered, and celebrated regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, and/or any other aspect of their identity.

MPV's Open Mic is the 3rd Thursday of the month at 5998 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035. 323.696.2678.

Watch a Video of It's Your Mic Here
A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and A Prayer
Trina Jackson MPV-Atlanta
Domestic Violence Awareness Event
MPV-Atlanta teamed up with the Absalom Jones Episcopal Center in the Atlanta University Center to present A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and A Prayer in partnership with and local artists and musicians to raise awareness of domestic violence stories from Atlanta and from around the world. The Women's Resource Center to End Domestic Violence was the featured organization for the night.
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