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Eid 2013

Eid 2013!
MPV wishes everyone Happy Eid! 
We invite you to listen to "Happy Eid" by Ani 
MPV Represented at the White House Iftar by President Ani Zonneveld
White House Iftar
R to L: MPV President Ani Zonneveld, Susan Rice, Imam Mohamed Hagmagid
July 25, 2013

"Mr. President, my name is Ani Zonneveld, founder of Muslims for Progressive Values, we advocate for progressive interpretations of Islam and we are now in four continents."


From Ani:

"I was privileged to have been invited recently to the White House's annual iftar, seated between National Security Advisor Ms. Susan Rice and the 
Deputy Assistant to the President. In addition, I was also invited to a private policy briefing with the Obama Administration's top advisers on domestic and international policies. This briefing was not a one-way conversation but one where ideas and inquiries from members of the Muslim community were also fielded." 


Read about Ani's experience at the iftar!


MPV Annual DC Reception
Keynote Speaker
Reza Aslan
Author Reza Aslan
Reza Aslan, author of the best-selling book "Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth" will be MPV's keynote speaker at our annual Washington D.C. reception.

To purchase tickets please visit:
Ty Thelineshark Art
Credit: Ty Thelinesharkart
"You give but little when you give of your 
possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give." 
From "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran

Needle's Eye

Blessed are you, oh worthless one
When your humiliation's done
Only then may way be given
To enter into Heaven
Were you rich with pride
Did you fine camels ride
You couldn't pass the needle's eye
That the Garden's entered by

~Frank Parmir (MPV-Columbus)


Book Feature
A Perfect Gentleman
Imran Ahmad - The Perfect Gentleman
Check out MPV Friend Imran Ahmad's book 
"The Perfect Gentleman"

"...Born in Pakistan, Imran Ahmad later immigrates to the UK with his family. Ahmad tells his story with a dry, self-deprecating humour that layers every situation with multiple ironies and exploits fantastic comic potential in even the most sobering situations...."

Love Shines
Al Qusi 2:255

Behold: This Love within The Whole 
This Radiance of life on Earth 
This Luminance of Love's Worth

This Love is Un-Partnered Power 
It is The Eternally Alive and Self Derived 
It is The Monitor of Every Hour 
Love tires not nor's e'er retired 
It owns all in Heaven's girth 
And all as well upon the Earth

Surely, naught's in our control 
But by This Power within The Whole 
Who sees all that we can't see 
Who knows what's past and yet to be 
And we know not lest Power agree

One Power pervades all Heaven and Earth 
And effortless, preserves their worth 
It un-depleted does their end forestall 
While constantly transcending all

Behold: This Love within The Whole 
This Radiance of life on Earth 
This Luminance of Love's Worth 
For the separate soul 
Both Source and Goal

~Frank Parmir (MPV-Columbus) 
Local Chapters - EID Celebrations

Aug 8th, 9 am at Levantine Culture Center.
Eid Party in Los Angeles: 

Thursday, August 8, 2013
10:30am - Eid Service (will eat out afterwards at Landmark Diner)

8pm - Eid Service (will have potluck)


Eid Prayer
Thursday, Aug 8, 1 PM
Whetstone Park, Col. OH 

More Info: 

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