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May 2013
MPV Featured in a 100-Year Old Magazine
The Progressive
MPV Logo May 7, 2013

While in Los Angeles a few days ago to interview the musical great A. R. Rahman (watch for the piece in a coming issue of The Progressive), I sat down for coffee with Ani Zonneveld, a singer/songwriter who is the president and co-founder of Muslims for Progressive Values. Ani and I connected via Twitter, and I met her to learn more about the work her organization is doing.

Read the article "Progressive Muslim Group Fights Two-Pronged Battle" by Amitabh Pal here:
MPV Supports the Closing of
Guantanamo Bay
Press Release
Close Guantanamo Bay
Image: Flickr/Sayan51
May 1, 2013

Since its inception in 2007, MPV has always repudiated militarism and violence, but we also believe firmly in compassion. We affirm that justice and compassion should be the guiding principles for all aspects of human conduct. 
Read the full press release here:
Ani Zonneveld
April 26, 2013

MPV's President Ani Zonneveld's take on the Boston Marathon terrorist act, identity issues, Muslim supremacy in the Huffington Post - "Muslims! Are you Awake Yet?"
Nikki Kahn/THE WASHINGTON POST -  Imam Daayiee Abdullah gives the call to prayer at the Light of Reform mosque in Washington.
Image: Nikki Khan
April 17, 2013

MPV's LGBTQ Outreach Director Imam Daayiee featured in the Washington Post - "Imam Daayiee Abdullah welcomes gay Muslims to worship, marry"


Allah Loves Us All Bus Campaign
Allah Loves Us All
The Allah Loves Us All bus advertising campaign in San Francisco ended May 22, 2013. 
The responses we received are nothing short of moving.
  • Lorena Lupercio-Diaz:
    I've seen these ads on buses in San Francisco and that's how I found out about MPV! I am relocating to Los Angeles this summer and cannot wait to become a part of this community. May Allah bless you for your amazing work. 
  • Susan Valentino:
    Powerful!! This is wonderful. Jazak'Allah khair
  • Samuel Nathan Dissinger:
    Allahu akbar! Thanks for this, MPV. As a queer Muslim, it's good to know there are brothers and sisters out there who accept me as such. As I was told when I first reverted, anyone and everyone can be Muslim. Indeed, Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) loves us all: He is called Al-Wadud (The Loving) for a reason. It's sad when fellow Muslims don't believe or understand that.
  • Laila Ali:
    I love you guys. I'm proud to call myself a revert after all of these years of struggling with Islam.
  • Moroccan American Cultural & Community Center: Progressive Muslims Take on Islamophobia and Homophobia! 


    Thanks to All Who Supported the Campaign!

Imam Daaiyee Abdullah
Imam Daaiyee Abdullah

Imam Daayiee was in Norway testifying in support of a gay Iranian's refugee application. Should his refugee status been declined, returning to Iran would have been certain death. Imam Daayiee's theological support was successful and the fellow was granted refugee citizenship after only 5 days after the final trial, a surprising quick turn-around when it usually takes 30 days and more. 

Whether it is popular or not,
MPV will never stop speaking up for justice for all. 

Check out MPV's resources in support of Progressive Islam

MPV - Talking to Others
People call on MPV for consultation on various issues
Anders Hulden and Ani Zonneveld
Anders Hulden and Ani Zonneveld
Recently Anders Hulden, representing SETA, an NGO from Finland, requested to meet with MPV on LGBTQ Rights in Islam
Learn more about how MPV promotes LGBTQ Rights and Education on our website here:

MPV - Interfaith Dialogue
Ishmael-Isaac Program
Ishmael-Issac Program
An interfaith educational program with Temple Beth Hillel of Valley Village, Los Angeles.
Learn more about how to get involved with MPV in person and online here:
Interfaith Nigeria
From Nigeria we received this heart-warming message:

"Sir, our organization would really like to partner with yours,so that you can give us more advice and counselling on how to strengthening an everlasting relationship between Muslim and Christian in the African region.

Sir, we will really like you to join us in the mission and vision of making show that peace is maintain in all part of the African nation."

MPV continues to empower people
through education and dialogue. 

Local Chapters
Shawon T Khan
Meet Shawon T Khan
MPV Welcomes 
MPV, Australia-Canberra!

Hello Fellow MPV-ians,

My name is Shawon. I am based in Canberra, the Capital of Australia.

By profession, I work in the area of Health Policy/Programs. I am also a Certified (Business) Process Professional.

I am excited to be a part of MPV, especially at the initiation stage of the Australian chapter.

I believe our efforts, individual and collective, will help make a difference.

Peace, Love & Regards, Shawon Khan
MPV, Australia-Canberra


Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente
Meet Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente
MPV Welcomes

Known in social networks as Nasreen Amina, Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente of MPV-Chile is a Gender Journalist, Social Project Manager, Grassroots Communication Consultant and lecturer in Islamic Feminism in Latin America

Currently, Muslim for Progressive Values Chile is organizing a series of Webinars on Islam, Feminism and Human Rights to start in June. After a few weeks of starting up in Chile, we have established links with social, grassroots, progressive organizations and women's movements.



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June 14 - A Father's Faith - Worship and Families
June 21 - Sounds of Joy - World Music Day
June 28 - Revel in Love - LGBTQ Pride 

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