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 "Mosaic-Beautifully Different"
A Los Angeles Event

Mosaic is a thought provoking presentation of song, dance, poetry, spoken words and comedy performed by progressive Muslim artists. The performances by both male and female artists will highlight a collage of artistic expressions inspired by the life styles and personal beliefs of those artists. 


Please come out and support our efforts - celebrating the arts, diversity while countering misconceptions about Muslims and Islam. 


Here's a bit more info about the evening:

There will be carpets and pillows for you to sit on in addition to regular chairs. We encourage you to bring your own pillows. The environment will be more of a living room setting, cozy and warm with candles. It will be a cultural event of sorts where the old and the modern will be mixed in.



Sababa La Zeez Dance Group with Shaunti & Nar will be performing two stylized Middle Eastern dances. One is called "Veils of al Mutanabi" with Saleem and second dance is called the "Wing Dance".

Saleem will be performing one of his spoken words performing pieces from his play "Getting in to my Skin" the piece called "I am coming to America". He will also be performing two male middle eastern dances one is classical and the other one with Spanish and flamenco fusion .

Meymona Hussein-Cattan will be reciting poems reflecting her life and thoughts as a progressive Muslim woman from Eriteria.

Hussein and Natalie will be performing dance movements and spoken words in English from Iranian poetry with a modern twist.

Ani Zonneveld will be singing her expression of Islam in a western musical context in


Maurice Saba and his musicians and Saleem will be performing a collection of Lebanese /Palestinian / and Egyptian songs. 




Mona Shaikh will talk about Ahmedinajad wanting to go to space...also a fake image of a stealth fighter that was taken and they claimed they have made. The story practically tells itself. Talk about how God is a man since women get menopause and are considered "old" (look at Demi Moore) while men are studs until Viagra stops working for them (Jack Nicholson), what's all the rave about 72 virgins...


Proceeds from the show will go towards supporting Keep It Halal ( a Muslims for Progressive Values supported project.