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Board Members: Shahla Khan Salter, Ani Zonneveld, Daayiee Abdullah and Kelly Wentworth (not pictured are Fatima Thompson and A. Ameerah Saleem)

Dear Friend,


Thanks to your support and help, 2012 has been an amazing year for Muslims for Progressive Values.  MPV has accomplished more than ever and has gained an increasingly public presence representing progressive Islam.   

We need you to help us keep our momentum going by making your generous, tax-deductible End-of-Year donation today.


In 2012 MPV has increased our public profile with appearances on radio and television programs and in articles discussing MPV's principles, organizational accomplishments and future goals. Here are some of our accomplishements:

  • Muslims across the world took note of our woman-led prayer on YouTube generating over 1.3 million views.  We have been amazed at the response in the many encouraging emails and phone calls we received, including from the Arab world.
  • We opened three new Chapters and inclusive prayer spaces: Salt Lake City, Utah; Columbus, Ohio; and the first European Chapter in Paris, France (see MPV France logo).
  • Established a lecture series with Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles.
  • We released the trailer for the "Keep It Halal" online video series that provide progressive responses to the issues within the Muslim community that are frequently ignored or minimized by the Muslim community. We  are confident that next year the "Keep It Halal" video series will have an affect on Muslim communities worldwide.  


Your donations will continue this energy and allow us to increase our visibility at the grassroots level, through the press, web and social media allowing us to share our vision of a more inclusive Muslim community.  You can help MPV make 2013 the most amazing year yet through your generous donation.


Wishing you every happiness this holiday season!




Board Members 

p.s. consider having your donations make an even greater impact, become a monthly donor and support MPV throughout the year. 


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  • Do you want to pray in spaces where families can worship together (like in Mecca), where women can lead co-ed congregations, and where mixed faith couples are welcome?

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