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An Ode to My Darling
MPV's 6th Annual Retreat


An Ode to My Darling 

Poem by Rameez Ahmed
MPV member, Ottawa, Canada



Skipping on the beach, horse riding and chicken corn soup by sea 

That is how I remember you, my darling

Spice Girls cassettes, sleeveless dresses and playing with your make-up
We laughed, ran, cried and laughed some more, my darling

The fairy lights, the dancing, your beautiful red gharara
Excited and scared you were on your wedding day, my darling

You stopped coming to your mother's house, to parties
You stopped meeting old friends and family
You stopped calling me
I thought you were madly in love, my darling

Then you reappeared many months later
The oversized Chanel sunglasses covering your entire face
I saw the purple bruise on your forehead cleverly hidden under a strand of hair
Why did you say you hit a door, my darling?

Suddenly you started wearing only full sleeves and turtlenecks
You didn't want to wear a swimsuit at the club anymore
What were you trying to hide my darling?

Now you peacefully lie before me, lifeless
Covered with a white sheet, I see the bruises on your face, neck and shoulders
I see the cigarette burns on your arms and collar bone
Why did you not say a word, my darling?
Why did you not say a word?

 MPV's 6th Annual Retreat - Manhattan College, NY

July 13-15, 2012


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Muslims for Progressive Values to host Mona Eltahawy as Main Speaker for Benefit Reception in Washington, DC. 

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Chapter News

MPV - Canada  

  • MPV Canada is pleased to announce that this year MPV Canada was invited to attend the CAIR CAN Gala dinner held in Toronto on May 12, 2012 and on hand to represent us was none other than MPV Canada's awesome power couple, El-Farouk Khaki and Troy Jackson, along with our co-founder, Farhat Rehman. They had a wonderful time and met distinguished guests including Imam Faisal Rauf.
  • We are also proud to announce that Stephanie Renee Roy is our new MPV Ottawa Events Coordinator. Stephanie has started a new site on for Muslims for Progressive Values Ottawa at the following link:
  • MPV Ottawa's Yahya Abdul Rahman led along with a few other members of the Ottawa Muslim community an incredible workshop on domestic violence in the Muslim community, sponsored by Neighbours Friends and Family.
  • Shisha party for Saturday, June 9 at 8:30 at the North Restaurant Lounge on Sparks Street -
  • Here in Ottawa we are planning iftars this summer, an Eid picnic and to march at Capital Pride. Our contingent at Pride shall be led by Rameez Ahmed.
  • Our next progressive monthly Muslim learning circle/potluck brunch is taking place is being hosted by Asif Rehman and is on "Shukhr" or Gratitude. Our last learning circle was on "Sabra" or Patience and a copy of Shahla's talk initiating the discussion is on the MPV Canada site at



MPV - Atlanta  

  • MPV - Atlanta will host The Van Atlanta for a summer-long service project with the Metro Atlanta Christian Cohort
MPV - LA    
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