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July 2010 Newsletter 
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MPV Retreat 2010
Killing of Ahmadis in Pakistan
Statement on bombing of Sufi Shrine
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Draw Prophet Muhammad Day Statement
Marrying outside the faith?

MPV Retreat 2010
Announcing Muslims for Progressive Value's Fourth Annual Retreat
"Cultivating a Progressive Environment"
 August 7th - 8th
Atlanta, Georgia
This year's retreat, hosted by Muslims for Progressive Values and the American Islamic Fellowship, will include workshops on the history of progressive Islam, progressive movements in other faith traditions, religious education for Muslim youth, and developing community goals.
We welcome all who are willing to respect, listen and learn from one another with an open, non-discriminating heart. MPV strives to create safe spaces for everyone including LGBTQ individuals, mixed faith couples, and people of various religious and sectarian affiliations. Limited capacity, please register soon.
Click here for registration information and a complete schedule of events. 


Statement on Killing of Ahmadis in Pakistan  
We at Muslims for Progressive Values are deeply upset by the targeted attack of the Ahmadi Muslim community in Lahore, Pakistan on Friday, May 28th, 2010 in which more than 80 people were killed. (For more information, please read:

We stand against the continued targeting of Muslim minority sects, including the Ahmadi Muslim and various Shi'a Muslim communities, as well as non-Muslim communities in Pakistan. MPV calls upon the government of Pakistan to play a stronger role in addressing these issues. Repealing the 1973 declaration of Ahmadis as non-Muslim and the 1984 ban on Ahmadis identifying themselves as Muslims is an important first step in showing support for this community and encouraging peaceful pluralism.

In the wake of this tragedy, MPV renews its call for intrafaith peace, acceptance and non-violence. We accept as Muslim anyone who identifies as such. The veracity and integrity of that claim is between the individual and God, and is not a matter for the state nor an issue which other individuals can or should judge. We affirm that justice and compassion should be the guiding principles for all aspects of human conduct. We repudiate militarism, terrorism and violence, whether on an individual, organizational, or national level. 

Statement on bombing of Sufi shrine

In the wake of the recent attack on a Sufi shrine in Lahore, Pakistan, Muslims for Progressive Values wishes to extend our condolences to the families and friends of our fellow Muslims who perished.  We also vehemently condemn all acts of terrorism against humanity, especially those directed against Muslim minority groups regardless of their sectarian affiliations.  We hold it to be true that all who call themselves Muslims are Muslims without contestation.

The scene of the attack commonly know as Data Durbar, or the court of the one who gives, was dedicated to Abul Hasan Ali Hajvery, a scholar and a traveler on the spiritual path.  His impact on the spread of Islam to the Indian Subcontinent cannot be denied and his writings on spirituality and Islam have been translated into many languages and are still studied a millennium after his birth. The attack on this shrine, a place of gathering and spiritual contemplation, is a loss to all who value pluralism and respect diverse philosophical and spiritual traditions.

Photovoice project- Through our eyes

Young Black Men
Young Black Men
Digital cameras were give to young black men from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and had them take pictures of factors that they felt affected their transition to manhood.   These young black men have powerful photos and stories to share with you. 
Organized by MPV members Nazleen  Bharmal M.D. and Rab Razzak M.D.
When: July 17th , 2010
Time: 1-4 pm
Where: Vision Theatre at Leimert Park
3341 W. 43rd Place
Los Angeles, CA 90008
Please  click on image for details.
Draw Prophet Muhammad Day Statement
Muslims, like peoples of all faiths, have varying opinions about these and other issues. We should be wary of any person or state that claims to speak on behalf of Islam, whether that be Pakistan or the American libertarians and right-wingers who are the primary sponsors of Draw Muhammad Day and other events intended to draw a false dichotomy between Muslims and non-Muslims. Although many Muslims discourage or disapprove of the veneration of religious icons, Muslims for Progressive Values supports freedom of speech and expression within societies without obstruction. Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of democracy and lively debate among its citizenry is necessary for the growth and progress of any state.
Muslim Marriage Officiant Available
 for Mixed/Inter-Faith Couples in
Los Angeles area! 
For more information please email

Congratulations Miss U.S.A.
Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV) would like to congratulate Rima Fakih on winning the 2010 Miss America crown. MPV commends the commitment and dedication of Ms. Fakih, an American of Arab descent and a Muslim, in achieving the highly-coveted title.

In the current political climate in which Arab-Americans and Muslims are often targets of discrimination or subjects of misunderstanding, Ms. Fakih embodies the true American spirit of steadfast perseverance in achieving her goal against all odds.

In addition, MPV is delighted that Ms. Fakih has proudly and publicly acknowledged that she celebrates both Muslim and Christian traditions. In the realm of interfaith relations, Ms. Fakih has unquestionably helped advance empathy and engagement between communities - aims shared by MPV and the organization's interfaith partners since 9-11.

MPV wholeheartedly applauds and respects the determination Ms. Fakih has demonstrated in defying the stereotypical image of a Muslim Arab woman and wishes her the very best in her future endeavors.
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