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TUESDAY DECEMBER 4, 2012                                                    A WEEKLY E-NEWSLETTER COMPILED BY SAM GEIST


As we approach the beginning of the end of the year, the ubiquitous lists of the best of... or the most... or 20 ways to... start to appear.  There was one I saw last week that ran under the heading of "everything we should master before middle age."  It made me think from a business perspective about the things we should master as marketers this time of year and any time of year.

Here's my list of:

Ten Things Every Marketer Should Master ASAP
(in no particular order)
  1. How to listen better.  
  2. How to find new customers. 
  3. How to manage what you can manage and let go of the rest. 
  4. How to stay in touch with customers.  
  5. How to focus on your priorities.
  6. How to delegate.
  7. How to give effective feedback.
  8. How to find golden opportunity.
  9. How to communicate clearly and kindly.
  10. How to keep moving forward and not stall out.

Even if I don't master them all just making the list give me pause for thought.


"Thinking about these things is my first step. Beginning to do them is my second step." 
--Sam Geist 

A glowing or scathing review from a trusted source can make a huge impact on a brand or a consumer's purchasing decisions.  This study asked respondents what marketing messages they would act on.



--iMedia Connection


To read the report which includes these stats see first SITE SEEING link below.


This research studied the impact press releases make when they go beyond just text.  Perhaps in our multi-media world this is no surprise.
  • text + photo garners 1.8 times more views than text-only releases  
  • text + video garners 4.3 times more views than text-only releases  
  • text + photo & video garners 7.4 times more views than text-only releases  
  • text + photo, video & downloadable files garners 9.7 times more views than text-only releases.
--MarketingVox/PR Newswire

To read the report which includes these stats see second SITE SEEING link below.
"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out just how far one can go."
--T. S. Eliot (1888 - 1965), Publisher, playwright, literary and social critic

"Photos, videos, infographics and other types of multimedia assets present information in a more compelling and attractive way so it's no surprise that they boost content visibility so significantly."

--Rod Nicolson, Vice President, Global Reporting, PR Newswire

To read the report which includes this quote see second SITE SEEING link below.


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