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Crisp Fall days are just around the corner! It is the perfect time to throw on a sweater and embark on some family fun!  Whether it is a walk in the park or watching the leaves change colour, the fall is the perfect time to be outside!
Has your child been to a pumpkin patch? Find a local pumpkin patch to spend an afternoon of fun and have your child choose their own pumpkin! Have a contest to see who can find the biggest or smallest pumpkin.  This can be early exposure to numeracy skills for your child. 
Raking leaves into a pile and jumping into them is a fun gross motor activity!  As children enjoy the smells and sounds of crunching leaves.  Enjoying the cool fall weather on the porch and sipping lemonade, can be a memorable experience as you read the book "Fall Leaves Fall".
Halloween is also a fun time for children.  Have you thought about making a costume with your child this Halloween?  It could be as simple as collecting materials around the house.  A bed sheet can become a ghost, cotton balls can become clouds and your child will enjoy wearing something they helped create. Children can enjoy "pretend play" as they role play as characters when they wear their costumes!


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