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July/August Newsletter 2016

Happy Canada Day!

We hope that you all are taking time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors as we celebrate Canada Day! Canadians across the country show their pride in our history, culture and achievements during their celebrations.  You may decide to engage in sports, a trip to the beach or attend the biggest celebration in Canada's capital, Ottawa!

Looking for some outdoor family-friendly fun? Head to one of the farms near you to pick delicious, fresh berries.  This is a great tactile experience for your child as they pick their own berries and they touch, feel, taste and listen to the sights and sounds on the farm.

Late in the summer, you can enjoy peach picking! Or if you prefer to grab a blanket, head outside and laydown together under the trees, look how big they are, watch the leaves blow in the wind! This could be a great bonding time for you and your child or you may choose to cuddle up with a book!

"Together Wee Can" Update
In July our children will be exploring South Africa where their summer lasts from mid-October to mid-February! Here children will learn about South Africa's indigenous animals, games, foods and their rich culture. They can also take a journey on a Safari adventure as they read "Safari Discovery" by Jeff Brown, and look at the animals from their binoculars made from toilet paper rolls!

Next the children will travel to Argentina where they can dance the tango and enjoy music made from their guitars!  Our children will engage in pretend play as they, create and shop at their own food stand.  With the warm weather upon us they will be tempted to eat a rainbow as they try a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from their fruit stand! 

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable summer!

Leslie Wilson

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