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March/April Newsletter



It may not feel like it, but spring is approaching. Soon we will be able to put away the winter coats and break out the raincoats! Flowers will replace the snowflakes and the temperature will be on the rise. Who doesn't love this time of year?  


Our Wee Ones have some exciting times ahead with fun celebrations, whether it is St. Patrick's Day, Good Friday, Easter, "Together Wee Can Celebrates Pan-Amania" events or simply being able to play outside in plus degree weather.


Our "Together Wee Can Celebrates Pan-Amania" program has gotten off to a great start. We have received lots of great feedback and some great photos of the children participating in their own version of the Pan Am Torch Relay. The fun will continue with lots of fun sports, crafts and games for all ages to engage in.  


We all know how hectic the holidays can be, which can start the New Year off in a frenzy. We encourage you to take a moment and reflect on your goals for the year for you and your Wee Ones. It can be as simple as teaching your Wee loved one how to tie their shoe, to learning the alphabet, or learning how to organize their toys on their own. No goal is too small or too big - but teaching our children goals and planning will only result in a brighter future.


We look forward to the upcoming weeks with all of the Wee Watch children, and we would like to thank you for being a part of Wee Watch Home Child Care.





Leslie Wilson


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