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Brrr... it seems that winter isn't quite ready to go away! The official first day of spring is March 20 but judging by the current weather, it may not go from deep freeze to warm breeze right away!


Once the weather warms up, your wee ones will want to spend more time outdoors on walks and going to the playground. Outdoor play is important in improving your child's social skills and gross motor skills.  Children are able to develop their large muscle groups through walking, climbing, jumping and running!


Here are some ideas to make spring an enjoyable time for you and your children:


Start a herb garden.  Kids love having a green thumb plus it has its benefits for you because you will be able to add new flavours and smells to your meals. You will need seeds (try: chives and mint), pots, soil, sunlight and water to help the herbs grow!


Make spring cleaning fun. We all know cleaning up around the house can be boring but it doesn't have to be! Reward prizes for cleaning such as certificates for effort and treats for team work. Plus, if you want to try something new, you can make own household cleaning products.


Create a work of art.  Get creative! Depending on the age of your child, you can work on an art projects such as finger paint rainbows and picture bouquets! Your little artists will enjoy spending time with you and have a new piece of art to add to the collection.


Enjoy a fun spring filled with laughter, sunshine and happiness!





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