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Warm greetings from Wee Watch and Happy New Year!

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays with friends and family. It's always wonderful to spend quality time with our loved ones through the joyful festivities.

As we now enter 2014, keeping warm is very important through the cold months to come. Warm clothing and hot beverages will help make this cold climate more enjoyable. Participating in winter activities such as, tobogganing, skating and skiing is a plus side to this snowy weather.

Snow Play:
Is it too cold to go outside? Bring the snow in! Playing in the snow outside doesn't always last long for little ones. Bringing the snow inside on a large tray for your child to play with is a fabulous sensory activity to keep them busy! Adding cookie cutters and spoons to the play is a great way to add to the fun!

Valentine's Day:
February is the month of love. Having your children participate in constructing Valentine art is a great way for them to express their love and appreciation.

The winter season is the longest season of the year, so let's make the best of it! Create and explore different fun winter activities with your children and family.
Looking forward to the new experiences and adventures 2014 will bring!


Leslie Wilson

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