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November/December 2013 Newsletter

We survived the busy times of September, back to school and back to work.  With the weather getting cooler as each day goes by, it is time to dig out our warmer clothes. 


 As the holiday season approaches, it is a great time for the children to get involved with the preparation for our holiday celebrations.  


Baking - children love to be involved with the baking process.  Have your child help you measure ingredients, add and mix them together to make a wonderful treat that you can share with others or enjoy as a family.   


Decorating - with all the colours that are involved with this holiday season, it is a great opportunity for children to learn colours and how the different colours can be displayed to make beautiful art pieces.   


Traditions- children love to hear stories and memories of your childhood.  Take the time to share with your child what has changed from when you were a child to now.  Dig out the photo album and childhood photos of your holidays as a child.   


In our journey around the world with Together Wee Can, this month the children will be celebrating Diwali in India.   They will be making Kandell lanterns that are hung in  front of the house during Diwali. The children will also be painting with different spices that are used in India.


Greece will be our last stop on our Together Wee Can around the world tour where the children will be exploring the "twelve days of Christmas" and making wrapping paper. 


Have a safe and happy holiday season and all the best in 2014.



Leslie Wilson

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