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July 31, 2015   



CSP Endorsements for CAP Officer and Board Elections


The CSP Board has met a number of the candidates for the upcoming CAP elections. Ballots are in the mail and voting will open on August 4th. The Board recommends the following candidates for your consideration;



Bruce Williams, MD

George Kwass, MD
Board of Governors

Gerald Hanson, MD
Raouf Nakhleh, MD




Additional Clarification From CMS/Medicare
on ICD-10 Flexibility


Last week we informed you of an announcement from CMS re some intended flexibility for providers in ICD-10 code submission as of 10/1/15. This is not a delay in the need to include a valid ICD-10 code as of that date but an indication that a claim line would not be denied if the indicated code is not specific enough but is in the correct family of codes. CMS this week released an FAQ document that provides further specifics on the nature of the intended flexibility and the limitations. Here is the link:






CSP 68th Annual Meeting
Now Available!

CSP 68th Annual Meeting schedule and registration is Now Available!


Join us at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco from December 1-5, 2015.


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