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March 30, 2015   



SGR Fix Not Quite There


The Congressional fix to the almost 15 year problem of the Medicare SGR adjustment is only half way to fruition. The House passed the fix but the Senate adjourned for the break without taking it up. They will likely do so on April 13th when they return from recess. All Congressional House members from California, except for two Republicans, voted for the bill.


We have included below the notice from Noridian, your Medicare MAC advising providers, on claims with date of service on or after April 1st to avoid the reduced payments.


MLN Connects® Provider eNews - March 24, 2015


Attention Health Professionals: 

Information Regarding the 2015 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

The negative update of 21% under current law for the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule is scheduled to take effect on April 1, 2015. Medicare Physician Fee Schedule claims for services rendered on or before March 31, 2015, are unaffected by the payment cut and will be processed and paid under normal procedures and time frames. The Administration urges Congress to take action to ensure these cuts do not take effect. However, until that happens, CMS must take steps to implement the negative update. Under current law, electronic claims are not paid sooner than 14 calendar days (29 days for paper claims) after the date of receipt. CMS will notify you on or before April 11, 2015, with more information about the status of Congressional action to avert the negative update and next steps.



CSP Sponsors Bill to Expand Scope of Practice
for Cytotechnologists


The CSP has been working with the ASCP, ASC and CAC for the past several years in an effort to have the state lab personnel licensing regulations updated to reflect a new scope of practice for cytotechnologists. State law and regulation provide a narrow scope of practice to the examination of cytologic slides that has not kept pace with their increased training and education to perform HPV and other molecular testing.


The CSP joined with the California Association of Cytotechnologists to co-sponsor AB 599 (Bonilla), Chair of the Assembly Business and Profession Committee. AB 599 would amend state law as follows;


A licensed cytotechnologist may perform all tests and procedures pertaining to cytology, including but not limited to, microscopic and nonmicroscopic methodologies and tests and procedures that utilize molecular or genetic methodologies performed on cytologic specimens related to infectious disease or cancer diagnosis.


The CSP has been working with other laboratory organizations to hopefully eliminate any potential opposition. The bill would help keep cytotechnologists in California rather than leaving the state to be able to practice to their full potential.  It will also enable pathologists to recruit and retain these lab professionals. We will keep you informed on our progress.


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