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October 24, 2014  



Being a No on Prop. 46 Voter

Puts You in Good Company 



You already know that the CSP is opposed to Prop. 46 on the November 4 ballot. Prop. 46 will increase health care costs by making it easier for lawyers to file more malpractice lawsuits against health care providers.


Independent newspaper editorial boards have also evaluated Prop. 46 and are urging a resounding NO vote on Prop. 46. Here's a sampling of what they said:


  • Sacramento Bee, 8/31/14: "would disrupt health care in California"
  • Santa Cruz Sentinel, 9/25/14: "Proponents of Proposition 46 are trying to trick voters into raising malpractice awards."
  • Los Angeles Times, 10/6/14: "... the methods proposed by Proposition 46 to solve those problems have too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk."
  • Contra Costa Times, 8/7/14: "they added the random drug testing because it reportedly tested well in focus groups ... But it's bad policy -- and legally questionable."
  • San Francisco Chronicle, 9/13/14: "...the statewide database is nowhere close to ready, and the requirement to check an incomplete and sometimes unresponsive system would expose medical professionals to liability in the meantime."
  • Los Angeles Daily News, 10/3/14: "... we can't see how increasing the number of and amount involved in lawsuits against doctors could do anything but drive up health care costs and reduce access to care."
  • UT San Diego, 9/23/14: "The cost to individuals who buy their own health insurance and to businesses who provide coverage to their workers likely would be in the billions."
  • San Jose Mercury News, 8/11/14: "...three distinct provisions packaged together as a take-it-or-leave-it deal."


There's also a No on Prop. 46 coalition of more than 600 groups including Democrats, Republicans, doctors, nurses, dentists, hospitals, community clinics and health centers, unions, business and taxpayer groups, local governments and many more.


Have you mailed in your absentee ballot? If not, do it today. 


Countdown to Election Day: Two Weeks!


Here are other ways you can help defeat Prop. 46:  


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