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Our 17th Year  

Art Tile Exhibition The opening of the Art Tile Exhibition at the Edina Art Center Gallery was fabulous. Weather made the opening night difficult but in the end we tallied approx. 40 attendees!  Plus, many pieces have 
been sold!

Juror recognition award winners are:

Alex Chinn, Possible Plant, terracotta, $300
Deb LeAir, Black Willow Walk, clay, $825 - (image coming in another email)
Tina Schowalter, Play Full, Ceramic set of 9, $725
Possible Plant_ terracotta_ _300
"Possible Plant" by Alex Chinn
Re.Be.Do., Bubble Texture - Test B, clay tile, $145
The show ends on February 10th. If you have a chance, stop by and check it out at the Edina Art Center.

Thanks to everyone who participated in and supported this event.

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Correction in Directory
MSP Airport Bathrooms to be Tiled Big Time
Videos of Tile Making
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2016 Directory
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Correction in Directory
The Moravian Tile Festival date was incorrectly printed in the new directory. Please mark your calendars to attend on May 14th & 15th, 2016.
If you have questions about the show, or about workshops, please contact: Moravian Pottery & Tile Works at 215-348-6098.  

MSP Airport Bathrooms to be Tiled Big Time 

Congratulations to our Handmade Tile Association and to
the Minnesota Mosaic Guild Members for being commissioned
 to provide art for the
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

bathroom tile murals!

 This is to be a $12 million remodel over the next three years.
It has been estimated that each restroom at MSP
gets used 7,000 times a day!

Sheryl Tuorila 
Sheryl Tuorila
HTA members are Sheryl Tuorila and Mercedes Austin
Videos of Tile Making

One step in the process of creating handmade, ceramic, sgraffito-carved wall art tile.

Making ceramic wall art discs by Natalie Blake Studios: Video 
Making ceramic wall art discs by Natalie Blake Studios: Video

Do you have a how-to video you want to share with the HTA? The Handmade Tile Association wants to showcase a variety of techniques and styles that the handmade tile world uses to make tile. 

Send your video links to the HTA and we will post the info either on the HTA Facebook page or on the "Articles" page of the HTA website. Advertise your tile, your work, your studio and help the HTA at the same time.  Thank you!


Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association, LLC
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Encore Post of the Month
Portugal tile
Portugal is where tile reins supreme telling the story of the Portuguese life. We are working on that in America as a tradition too.

2016 Directory
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2016 HTA Directory Cover
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Spotlight on Artist Calendar
If you are next, gather your images, information or news you
would like to be highlighted. Send them
to the HTA by the first of your month.

Weaver Tile - Febuary
North Prairie Tile Inc. - Febuary
Drumboden Tiles - Febuary 
Bantam Tileworks - March
Tortuga Tileworks - March
Ceramic Chinn - April
Argenta Mosaics - April
Lea Way Designs - May
SOMI Tileworks - May
Sight Line Tile - May
Barbara Schmidt - June
Suzanne Crane Fine Stoneware - June
Mercury Mosaics
Belvedere Art Tile Ltd. - July
La Alameda Press - July
Native Tile & Ceramics - August
Bosetti Art Tile - August
Deb LeAir - August
Bon Ton Designs - September
Syzygy Tileworks - September
Alma Artisan - October
Stone Hollow Tile - October
Clay Squared to Infinity - November
Hohn & Hohn - November
House on the Hill - December

There is still room left for more spotlights. Only $50 for your feature.