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Our 16th Year  

October is home-stretch-month for you to be included in the 17th annual, 2016 edition of the Handmade Tile Association Directory. Every year tile people tell me they want to be included but for one reason or another don't make the leap. Will this be the year you take the step to showcase your tile work or service? 

The questions I want you to ask yourself are: Do you look forward to getting your copy of the directory every year? Do you like to see what new handmade tile is being promoted? Would you like to see your work featured there too?  If so, recognize there are thousands of other people also anticipating their copy of this directory to see the latest in handmade tile. Make the leap to ensure your work is included so our subscribers get the chance to enjoy your unique work. Take the first step by clicking on the link below.

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NKBA Design Award Winners
2015 Silver City CLAY Festival Overview
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2015 Directory
Early Responders!
NKBA Design Award Winners
award On September 17th the Minnesota Chapter of the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA) had its annual gala. This year was a special year for local artisans, winning two of the top awards for the new category "Best Use of Local Artisan Materials." Congratulations to Mercury Mosaics and Clay Squared to Infinity for taking the top spots. 

The award concept took five years to get incorporated into NKBA's gala program. We want to thank Lisa Trkna for her diligence and persistence in getting the HTA be a part of the awards system. Also, we want to thank Tina Schowalter of Alma Artisan for making the awards for this new category. They were a big hit; everyone wanted one!

This award is a big deal.  It's a confirmation that another art and design group recognizes the contributions local artisans make to the overall design of a space. We hope that next year we will be able to get more tile makers to participate in the program. 

2015 Silver City CLAY Festival Overview
The 2015 Silver City CLAY Festival, affectionately called "CLAY" by the locals, was a marvelous mix of internationally known clay artists, archaeologists and natural builders who presented workshops and lectures and danced in the streets of Silver City.
adobe oven making
Pop up musical acts entertained some while others chose to listen to Conversations in Clay between archaeologist Dr. Eric Blinman and both Mata Ortiz artist, Diego Valles, and Taos Pueblo artist, Pam Lujan Hauer. 

In other venues where workshops were full to the brim, participants enjoyed the knowledge and expertise of potter Jack Troy, of clay artist and Minneapolis entrepreneur Marko Fields, of natural builders and clay-finishes artists Athena and Bill Steen and the making of Prehistoric Salado Pottery with Andy Ward. 

kids making tile
Exhibitions, demonstrations, receptions and social gatherings allowed for wonderful interactions between artists, participants and visitors, including the "Meet and Greet" that preceded the opening of Santa Clara Pueblo artist Roxanne Swentzell's work. 

Local restaurants, galleries and shops were full with the comings and goings of residents along with interested and engaged visitors who also appreciated tours to Mimbres sites and local potters' studios. The week long series of workshops, tours and openings was capped off by a weekend showcasing the CLAYfest Market and a Saturday evening of CLAY in the Streets with offerings of music and libations, along with work stations that allowed people to experiment with polymer clay, natural clays and clay paints. On Sunday, the Western New Mexico Museum hosted a brunch that highlighted the world famous Mimbres Nan Collection

Looking forward to next year's event?  Mark your calendars for July 25th - July 31st, 2016.  Plan to join us.

For more information, visit the CLAY website at

Videos of Tile Making

Ancient Tile-Making Video: 
Zellige tile: Glazed Moroccan ceramic tiles - Zillij - moorish tile - Islamic tiles - Moroccan tile
Zellige tile: Glazed Moroccan ceramic tiles
- Illij - Moorish tile -
Islamic tiles - Moroccan tile

Do you have a how-to video you want to share with the HTA? The Handmade Tile Association wants to showcase a variety of techniques and styles that the handmade tile world uses to make tile. 

Send your video links to the HTA and we will post the info either on the HTA Facebook page or on the "Articles" page of the HTA website. Advertise your tile, your work, your studio and help the HTA at the same time.  Thank you!

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Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association, LLC
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Encore Post of the Month
Every month we feature the top liked image. September Guy Michell wins with this handmade tile shower insert. 
Guy Mitchell Design

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