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Our 16th Year  



Last month we requested nominees for the 2016 board of the Handmade Tile Association. We have two interested parties. We need a total of at least three new board members. Help us find a few more energetic tile people who want to develop the handmade tile agenda.  


The goal of our board is to have representation from all sections of our organization: tile makers, mosaic artists, members outside of MN, tile setters and designers. These are the main groups we have always had as part of the makeup of the board. 


If you would like to nominate someone, or yourself, or have questions about being on the HTA Board, please send your nomination or question to the board. They will give you the low down on the duties, term lengths and benefits of serving on the HTA Board. We hope we can find a group of leaders in the handmade tile community to take us to the next level of organizing and promoting handmade tile.

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Early Bird Discount for 2016 directory.
Slab rollers, Tile Press, Extruders oh My
Award Maker Needed!..
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Welcome New and Returning Members.
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Encore Post of the Month
2015 Directory
Tile Workshop 
Image Transfer Tile workshop

Still room left!  HTA members get a discount!
Click here to register.

Members $105 /
Non-Members $120

Co-sponsored by 

The Handmade Tile Association 

Thursday, September 10, 9 am - 5 pm
at Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis

Students will learn an easy method of making silkscreen stencils and will practice transferring preprinted images with slip to decorate leatherhard tiles. 


Early Bird Discount for 2016 directory

The 2016 Handmade Tile Association Directory drive is just around the corner. We will be offering our first ever Special for Early Birds. If you purchase your space by the end of August, you will get in at last year's rates!
You can pay online, by check or by contacting the HTA by phone at 612-781-6409.
We want the 2016 directory to be our biggest and most
sive directory ever.
Make sure your work and or services are included! 
(Rates will be going up for the 2016 directory;
save money by responding early!)

Videos of Tile Making

Here is an example of an interesting video of making tile.

Do you have a how-to video you want to share with the HTA? The Handmade Tile Association wants to showcase a variety of techniques and styles that the handmade tile world uses to make tile. 

Send your video links to the HTA and we will post the info either on the HTA Facebook page or on the "Articles" page of the HTA website. Advertise your tile, your work, your studio and help the HTA at the same time.  Thank you!

Award Maker Needed!


Alma Artisan-Tina Schowalter
Alma Artisan-Tina Schowalter
Thanks to all of the members who entered the NKBA Local Artisan Materials competition! As part of the NKBA Best Local Artisan Award, the Handmade Tile Association is looking to commission an artist to make an award for this annual event. We have a budget of $80 - $100 this year. 

If you are interested in being the first award tile we offer, please contact the HTA today!

Become a Sponsor

The Handmade Tile Association has many services and products to offer its members. We have developed a sponsorship list of opportunities for you to financially support specific programs we produce.

Sponsorship levels:

Artist Sponsor: $400  Sponsors multiple artists. 
Newsletter Sponsor: $500 
Spotlight on Artist: $500 
Handmade Tile Association Website Sponsor: $1000
Directory Sponsor: $1000
Social Media Sponsor: $300  
Click here to read the all the specifics .  Sponsorship is a great way to give back and to help emerging artists get started.  Become a patron of the arts today!

Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association, LLC
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Encore Post of the Month

Chicago Mosaic School artist is Clement Miteran, France. He is a graduate of the" School of Mosaic of Friuli " in Spilimbergo (Italy) and recently had his first solo exhibition at the Chapelle Saint-Eman, in Chartres. This portrait of Rimbaud is part of series of works that were shown featuring figures like Babbo, Baudelaire,and Gevin. This work is done in smalti and marble. Enjoy!
2015 Directory
As we pass the half way mark of the year the Handmade Tile Association wants to get all our members stocked up on directories for the summer art fair season, gallery show you are participating in and your studios. As always it is free to get directories shipped to you. Send us a request and we will get them right out to you.

Click here to order your copy
Spotlight on Artist Calendar
If you are next, gather your images, information or news you
would like to be highlighted. Send them
to the HTA by the first of your month.

SoMi Tileworks - August
Native Tile & Ceramics - August
North Prairie Tile. Inc - September
Hohn & Hohn - September
Tile Restoration Center- Ocotober
La Alameda Press - October
House on the Hill - November
Stone Hollow Tile - November

Their is still room left for more spotlights. Only $35 for your feature. Click here to sign up.