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Our 16th Year  



Below are several great tile show opportunities that are available. Get your work shown while winning prize money and awards all over the country! 

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Best Use of Local Artisan Materials Competition.
Zanesville Prize for Contemporary Ceramics
Slab rollers, Tile Press, Extruders oh My
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2015 Directory
Best Use of Local
Artisan Materials Competition


New Category H

"Best Use of Local Artisan Materials" /pdf 


"Local Artisan Materials" is defined as any one-of-a-kind product or material in a kitchen or bath design that was handcrafted, designed or sourced with materials and/or crafts from the state of Minnesota. This could include: handmade tile or other ceramics, custom glass work, custom metal work, custom cabinetry or other woodwork/materials made from local materials/artisans.


Deadline is June 19th. 


Click here for more details.  

Zanesville Prize for Contemporary Ceramics

The 2015 Zanesville Prize for Contemporary Ceramics' best-of-show award will be $20,000. An additional $10,000 in prizes will be awarded to other successful competitors.
This event is the second part
of a competition for the Zanesville Prize that will afterward be held every two years beginning in 2017. 

The deadline for submission is July 15, 2015
For the call for entries, go to 

The Silver City CLAY Festival's International Juried Exhibition, CLAY in the Garden, requires that each entry demonstrates the artist's personal interpretation of "CLAY in the Garden," whether that be in the form of a ceramic vessel, tile, sculpture or garden ornament. Entries will be juried based on creativity and artistic merit.
Deadline for entry: JUNE 15, 2015.

Click here to View Details. 

Clay Festival Market
Be a part of the 2015 juried CLAYfest Market at the Silver City Clay Festival. Last year's festival attracted close to 2,000 people. They hope to increase attendance via widespread marketing efforts throughout the southwest region with a focus on the Silver City drive markets.
Silver City Festival invites artists and entrepreneurs to offer decorative and utilitarian ceramics and other clay-related items for sale Saturday and Sunday of the CLAY Festival weekend, August 1-2, 2015. 
The CLAYfest Market will be located in the Murray Hotel Ballroom (200 W Broadway St, Silver City, NM 88061).

Deadline:  July 15. 

Click here for more details.  


Slab Rollers, Tile Presses, Extruders, Oh My!

An extruder
We are looking for artists to send us articles on the tools we all use to continue this series of "how to" pieces.

This month we are requesting stories about using slab rollers, tile presses or extruders. If you work with one of these tools, consider sharing your experience, including how to keep your tiles from cracking, how to make a die, or the best practices you observe.

Send your article to the HTA and we will post the info either on the
HTA Facebook page or on the Articles page of the HTA website.

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The Handmade Tile Association has many services and products to offer its members. We have developed a sponsorship list of opportunities for you to financially support specific programs we produce.

Sponsorship levels:

Artist Sponsor: $400  Sponsors multiple artists. 
Newsletter Sponsor: $500 
Spotlight on Artist: $500 
Handmade Tile Association Website Sponsor: $1000
Directory Sponsor: $1000
Social Media Sponsor: $300  
Click here to read the all the specifics .  Sponsorship is a great way to give back and to help emerging artists get started.  Become a patron of the arts today!

Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association, LLC
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Encore Post of the Month
Carly Simon mosaic guitar love!
Carly Simon's mosaic

2015 Directory

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Spotlight on Artist Calendar
If you are next, gather your images, information or news you
would like to be highlighted. Send them
to the HTA by the first of your month.

Ceramic Chinn - June
Deb LeAir - June
Bantam Tileworks - July
Bon Ton Designs - July
SoMi Tileworks - August
Native Tile & Ceramics - August
North Prairie Tile. Inc - September
Hohn & Hohn - September
Tile Restoration Center- Ocotober
La Alameda Press - October
House on the Hill - November
Stone Hollow Tile - November

Their is still room left for more spotlights. Only $35 for your feature. Click here to sign up.