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Our 16th Year  



The next HTA meeting is right around the corner--April 22nd, to be exact. Natural Built Home has invited us to have our meeting at their newly remodeled space. Castle Building and Remodeling has purchased the Natural Built Home brand and is working to include more local, hand-crafted, artisan work to their showroom. Attend our upcoming meeting to learn more about their operation and get a behind-the-scenes tour of their store and showroom!


The next Handmade Tile Association meeting is:

When:  April 22nd 
Where:  Natural Built Home
     4020 Minnehaha Avenue
     Minneapolis, MN 55406

Time:  From 6:30 - 8:00 pm

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2015 Directory
Create a Stamp Mold From a Plaster Blank

Last month we asked for members to submit How-To projects for the newsletter. Lilywork Artisan Tile created this very nice tutorial with photos. Click here to see the whole process.

Pouring plaster slurry into the prepared frame

Before creating a new tile design, it is important to consider your mold.  If what you are after is a very uniform, geometric or solid line, you may consider starting with a plaster blank. 

Lilywork Artisan Tiles are handcrafted in Stonington, CT.

Inspired by their travels abroad, Paul and Esther Halferty, designers and makers, have designed a tile line that evokes cultures, history, time, and places.


Lilywork is committed to using Old World methods and techniques, bringing back the human hand to every space.


Minneapolis / St.Paul Home Tour

 Come visit homes with handmade tile!

April 25th - 26th  
Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota


Visitors know that whether they're looking for kitchen, bath, or other room ideas, or for a contractor to bid on an addition, they'll find encouragement and resources here. From the very old homes to the very new, city dwellers throw open their doors to share their homes' remodeling, restoration and neighborhood stories. 

Reducing Shipping Costs

Fay Day Jones also responded to our request for advice with some experience shipping tiles that she would like to share.

Flat Rate boxes
Fay says "I have greatly reduced my shipping costs by shipping only with flat rate USPS boxes.  Flat rate boxes are free. You can order them online and the mailman will bring them. This method gets a box there in 1-3 days, which makes my customers very happy. Also, they pick up at my house.

"I invested in a jumbo mailbox which can hold as many as 3 boxes at a time. I always print my labels out online as this is also cheaper. I have shipped to Europe with this method; it was surprisingly easy.

"I used to buy boxes, tape and bubble wrap. A few months ago I started to construct little cardboard boxes around the tile, instead of bubble wrap. Since then I have been using recycled newspaper or shredded junk mail to pad the box with. Now I only have to buy packing tape."


Keeping tiles flat....We need your Story!

A challenge every professional tile maker has to overcome is to make their tiles lie flat. It is probably the number one question HTA gets from people who are new to tiles.

Do you have a story you would be willing to share about how you solved this mystery? Please send us your article by April 25th to be considered for the newsletter. We will post the articles on the HTA website as well. 

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Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona,
 Featured mosaics are the beautiful columns from the Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona, Spain. Lluís Bru (1868 -1952) was a ceramist and designer of Catalan modernism, and created the mosaics in "trencadis" style after his training in Venice in 1904.The Palace was built between 1905 and 1908 and in 1997 was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy! 
 Posted by The Chicago Mosaic School

2015 Directory

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Mercury Mosaics - April
Sight Line Tile - April
Photos by Edie - April
Clay Squared to Infinity - May
Lea-Way Designs - May
Ceramic Chinn - June
Deb LeAir - June
Bantam Tileworks - July
Bon Ton Designs - July
SoMi Tileworks - August
Native Tile & Ceramics - August
North Prairie Tile. Inc - September
Hohn & Hohn - September
Tile Restoration Center- Ocotober
La Alameda Press - October
House on the Hill - November
Stone Hollow Tile - November

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