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Our 16th Year  



The Handmade Tile Association is entering its 16th year! Thank you to all of our members, advertisers and sponsors for your continued support. We would not be here without your dedication and help. We have come a long way from 12 original members to over 73 current members! We have accomplished a lot but as a collective group we can not rest on our past achievements. We need to meet and discuss the next set of goals and concepts we want to pursue.


In general, the main focus for organization is to recruit more members and to encourage more of the tile community to showcase their work and services in the Directory and on the website. The Directory is our 
main source of revenue to be able to take on programming.  Since this is a volunteer-run organization, it is imperative that members participate. Help spread the word about the directory to ensure people who are looking for tile, or are in the tile field, know about the services and products the Handmade Tile Association provides. The easiest and best way to participate is to hand out the directories. When you hand them out you will notice how surprised people are that you are giving them a full color art book for free. You instantly have their attention. Take that opportunity to tell them your story and talk about your work or services. Try it; you may like it!



Contact the Handmade Tile Association to get more involved:

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2015 Directory on its way
HTA Board Retirements
Spotlight on Artist Calendar
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Welcome New and Returning Members.
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2015 Directory
2015 Directory on its way

The 2015 Directory is in process to be bulk-mailed the first week of January. 2400 directories are being direct-mailed to our mailing list. Members should expect to see their copy no later than the 3rd week of January, though sooner in most instances. 
For those who can pick up a case or two to hand out at shows, your studio, at events or to deliver to galleries, showrooms, clinic offices, etc, please stop by the Handmade Tile Association office. You can have as many as you want, all for free.

For those members out of state: we will be shipping a case of directories free of charge to you. If you want even more, please contact us and we will be happy to send them.  We can even drop-ship them directly to a major event, if you will be there to show your work and hand out the directories. Thank you! Your efforts help everyone. 
HTA Board Retirements

Long time HTA Board members Norma Hanlon and Roger Mayland told the rest of the Board that they would not be returning for the coming year at the last Board meeting in November. 
Norma traveling the world
Norma has been a Board member since the inception of the HTA, back in 1999. Norma is a life-long artist who started creating tiles back in the late 1990s. She and her daughter, Kirsten, formed Fresh Fish Tiles, later changing the name to SoMi Tileworks. Norma recently retired from SoMi but still makes art and travels the world. Norma had been the coordinator of the MN Tile Festival for the first few years of the event and helped out through almost the entire run of the MN Tile Festival. She came back to be the coordinator during the later years, as well. Norma's knowledge, energy and dedication to the organization has been amazing. We could not have done all of our work without her. If you have a moment, please drop her a note to thank her for everything she has done to promote and strengthen the Handmade Tile Association. 

Roger Mayland
Roger Mayland has been a Board member since 2005. He owns and runs North Prairie Tileworks. Roger's marketing knowledge and dedication to the group has been invaluable. He has opened up his studio for meetings many times, donated displays for trade shows and has been on the Tile Festival Committee. 

Thank you both for all of your hard work and dedication!

We have had some great HTA Board members over the years and we will be recruiting new Board members for next year's Board. If you have interest, please contact us for more info.
Spotlight on Artist Calendar


Belvedere Ceramic Arts
In the middle of each month we have a Spotlight on Artists feature. Here is the current list of artists and when they will be spotlighted.


Foster Willey
Belvedere Art Tile, Ltd.January
Weaver TileFebuary
Bosetti Art TileFebuary
Drumboden TilesMarch
Barbara SchmidtMarch
Mercury MosaicsApril
Sight Line TileApril
Clay Squared to InfinityMay
Lea-Way DesignsMay
Ceramic ChinnJune
Deb LeAirJune
Bantam TileworksJuly
Bon Ton DesignsJuly
Native Tile & CeramicsAugust
SOMI TileworksAugust
North Prairie Tile Inc.September
Hohn & HohnSeptember
Tile Restoration CenterOctober
La Alameda PressOctober
House on the HillNovember
Stone Hollow TileNovember
Their is still room left for more spotlights. Only $35 for your feature. Click here to sign up. 


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Stone Hollow Tile
The Handmade Tile Association has many services and products it offers its members. We have developed a sponsorship list of opportunities for you to financially support specific programs we produce.

Sponsorship levels - 
Artist Sponsor $400 - Can sponsor multiple artists.
Newsletter Sponsor $500 
Spotlight on Artist $500 
Handmade Tile Association Website Sponsor $1000
Directory Sponsor $1000
Social Media Sponsor $300 
Next Meeting

Next meeting January 22nd 
Time 6:30 - 8pm
Where- Foster Willey Sculptor Studio
Historic 607 Building
3rd Floor
607 22nd Ave NE
MinneapolisMN 55418

New directories are available
Status of where we been and where we could go.
Discuss goals for 2015



Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association, LLC
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Pewabic PotteryNovember
Untapped ResourceNovember

Welcome New and Returning Members
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Gooseneck Designs
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Tile Restoration Center

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Chris Madsen

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Guy Mitchell - handmade stoneware tiles made in the North East of England - Beautiful!

2015 Directory
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