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Our 15th Year  



The Handmade Tile Association board has finalized the next meeting for the members. 
April 2nd
Time 6 - 8 pm
Where - North Prairie Tileworks
HTA will provide food

Agenda - Discuss opportunities for the Handmade Tile Association members.
Tour of North Prairie Tileworks
What would the members like to focus on and how can members help and collaborate to achieve those ideas. 
Show and share your newest tile or project.
Please mark your calendars and if you can RSVP that would help us plan for how much food to provide. Thank you.
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Tools of the Trade
In the Tile Studio.
The Concordia Continental Ceramics Competition.
Marketing Tools for Members
Big Change for one HTA Member
Spotlight on Artist Schedule
Welcome New and Renewing Membership
1000 likes and growing
Tools of the Trade
Profesional cookie cutter
Tile makers have some interesting and unique tools that are needed to create tiles. We are going to start a series on the tool
s that tile makers utilize and invent to create tiles. Do you have tools you would like to be highlighted or you invented? Please send us info or photos on the tools and how they are used, where they are sold so we should consider for the series.
Cookie cutters can be some of the most fun tools a tile makers can utilize. They make straight down cuts and consistent shapes. They are inexpensive and abundant usually found in cooking stores and antique shops. You can also make your own out of sheet metal. The one down side has been how do you get the clay out and not warp the tile?  Some tile makers make home made plungers in the shape of the cookie cutter to push clay through. A new professional model by Clearwater Tile Cutters made in Idaho has come available recently. Sold through Continental Clay. They have 13 stock cookie cutters ranging from $55 - $109 and you can custom order one for your own needs. Custom tile cutters start @ $ 105.00 (approx.) and require a minimum of 4 weeks. Clearwater tile cutters are heavy duty plunger style. It allows you to have control over the size and shapes you need for your clay shrinkage and design possibilities. Contact Continental Clay if you have questions. (612) 331-9332
In the Tile Studio

Many people who follow Handmade Tile Association members are fascinated by how we make our work.  Collectors and people who commission tile work love to know how tiles are made. Here is a tile fireplace project we liked that was featured on Sheryl Tuorila Facebook page. Check it out!

Fireplace project
Gluing down tiles on mesh
Tiles being installed on fireplace
The Concordia Continental Ceramics Competition

February 1, 2014 

Online submissions begin. 

March 21, 2014
Images, entry forms and fees due.

Show runs May 6th June 27th 
To submit work click here

The Concordia Continental Ceramics Competition (CCCC5) has emerged as a truly significant international juried clay exhibition. With works from North and Central America, including the Caribbean, 2014's CCCE5 promises to be a showcase of stunning ceramic art. All eligible artists are invited to enter their best work to this juried show.


Marketing Tools for Members
This year the Handmade Tile Association is focusing on some basic marketing tools for our members to utilize. Working with Trebuchet Communications the Handmade Tile Association is developing four postcards for members to use in their studios, shows and showrooms. We will be sending them out to all members in late March. Members can have as many as they wish.
Click here to see them on the website
What do I used to clean tile?
How many tiles are there in a square foot?
What color grout should I use?
Handmade Tile does not cost as much as you think.

We have plans for more literature to be developed but we wanted to get the most common questions and issues resolved before we moved to more acute issues. 
Big Change for one HTA Member

Kelly Anderson of Bond Tile and Stone has set a lot of handmade tile by our members. This past month Kelly informed us that he and his wife are making a very big life change. They are joining the Peace Corps and moving to Tanzania! 
SoMi Tree of Life
Their service will be 27 months minimum but they do not have plans on coming back to Minnesota. Kelly said it is part of a 
retirement concept. "Our needs are small and we really don't have much attachment to material processions.  So, we thought, we have some skills, let's go try to make the world a better place"
Kelly will closing up Bond Tile & Stone on March 31.  "At this point, I am opening looking for someone to purchase the company.  Basically, I'm selling the brand, marketing platforms and client list.  Of course there is some equipment available as well." If you are interested please contact Kelly for more info.  
We will miss his great tile setting work. Good luck with your new adventure. We look forward to reading a blog of all your experiences. 

Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association, LLC
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USA MapSpotlight on artists for 2014... 
If you are next,
gather any new images, information or news you would like to be highlighted. Send them to the HTA by the first of your month.

Moravian Pottery and Tile WorksMarch
Drumboden tilesMarch
Sight Line TileApril
Mercury MosaicsApril
SOMI TileworksApril
Clay Squared to InfinityMay
Lea Way DesignMay
Sheryl TuorilaMay
Tina SchowalterJune
Earth Wood and FireJune
Kathleen Mellin Grubbs LLCJune
Elfstone StudioJuly
Deb LeAirJuly
Stone Hollow TileJuly
Ceramic ChinnAugust
House on the Hillaugust
Hohn & HohnAugust
Belvedere Art TileSeptember
North Prairie Tile September
Syzygy TileworksSeptember
Fay Jones DayOctober
Martha Coursey Mosaic Tile WorksOctober
Tile Restoration CenterOctober
Pewabic PotteryNovember
Untapped ResourceNovember

Welcome New and Renewing Membership 


Business Member
Wickwire Clay Works
Melissa Wickware
Stephanie Osser
Super Member
1000 likes and growing
In February the Handmade Tile Association Facebook page hit 1000 likes. This is a good marker for us to achieve. Our highest Liked image was an appropriate one of a tile mosaic going up stairs in San Francisco (16th and Moraga. It is a steep hill but a beautiful ascension to the tile holy grail. 
Mosaic in San Francisco (16th and Moraga,
We look forward to the next 1000 and maybe one day we will get lucky enough to have a tile project go viral and surge us toward tens of thousands of Likes. Until then keep submitting images of new tile art, tile projects, tools, news and events us to broadcast the wonderful world of handmade tile.