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Our 15th Year  



  Happy New Year! Welcome to the 15th year of the Handmade Tile Association newsletter. It is a major achievement for any organization to persevere through many changes. A constant throughout our entire existence is the HTA directory. It was the reason for the organization and continues to be its best and most distinctive asset as we move forward with new marketing and communication concepts. 
The new directory has arrived and we are looking for a few volunteers to help mail and distribute the directories to all of the artist members on Friday January 10th. Also we need a couple of volunteers to distribute to local art centers, galleries, design centers, and local businesses. If you are interested please contact Josh to get on the list. 
Thanks to everyone for being part of the 2014 Handmade Tile Association directory!
In This Issue
The data from the Vote and Questions to member
Thank You Laura!
New Artists to the Directory
Thank You Advertisers and Members!!!
Spotlight on Artist Schedule
Welcome New and Renewing Membership
The data from the Vote and Questions to members

Elfstone Tile
Members have reelected Jan Hohn, Roger Mayland, Norma Hanlon, Christine Nelson and Josh Blanc to the board. To see the graph of the vote click here.
The cover was selected and is featured in the opening welcome.
We asked a question"What would YOU like to see the Handmade Tile Association focus on in 2014?" Below are the answer to the question from the members who voted. 

Marketing & expansion.

Connecting with designers.

Continue to build engagement from the membership.

Not sure.

Expand membership.

I have no opinion on this matter.

Sales techniques for new vendors.

More dialog :questions/instructions between artist.

Keeping up a great website.

Ways to increase awareness of handmade tile.

Strong MN base in U.S. for tile.

Reach out to more design/build companies.

Continue promotion and support for tile artists.

A meeting that focuses on creative development.

how artists can promote their work

Hands on tile making classes and community tile.

Network to tile contractors.

A push toward Commercial business.

Small business workshops.

Small satellite bimonthly sales events.

Thank You Laura!

Laura McCaul, a ten year board member going back to 2003, made the decision to not run for the HTA board for 2014. Laura has been a great board member that made the commitment even after she moved from St. Paul to the Wisconsin Woods to continue to be a board member for years even with the 2 plus hour drive to the meetings. She gave a voice to all members who did not live in the city about what ideas could best help as many members as possible. Laura was a regular at the tile festival and even hosted a meeting with a demo of her distinctive Blackware firing. She organized a gallery show at the Phipps Center for the Arts. She did all this even while she was making amazing tiles that have won awards and praise from all quarters of the tile world. 
Laura firing her tiles
Laura is an original member of the Handmade Tile Association and hosted our very first meeting back in 1999. Thank you for all that you have done for the organization! We look forward to seeing you at meetings and upcoming events. 
New Artists to the Directory
Welcome our new 2014 artists members. We look forward to seeing all of your new work this year. Click on the images below to read more about them. Click here to see our entire artist list.
Native Tile
Motawi Tileworks

Drumboden Tiles

Moravian Tile & Pottery

Thank You Advertisers and Members!!!
Thank you to all of the advertisers and members for being part of the 2014 Handmade Tile Association directory. With out you there would not be a Handmade Tile Association. The directory started in 1999 and was a hit even before the first printing. People from around the country were contacting us asking for a copy. The directory moved to a full color version by 2001 and was a first of its kind to showcasing handmade tile artists in the way it does. It has grown from a band of 12 artists to showcasing over 60 businesses and artists. We distribute 10,000 directories annually all over the county. Thanks we could not have done it with out you!

Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association, LLC
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USA MapSpotlight on artists for 2014... 
If you are next,
gather any new images, information or news you would like to be highlighted. Send them to the HTA by the first of your month.

Native Tile and CeramicsJanuary
Bon Ton DesignsJanuary
Barbara SchmidtJanuary
La Alameda PressFebruary
Suzanne Crane Fine StonewareFebruary
Weaver TileFebruary
Moravian Pottery and Tile WorksMarch
Drumboden tilesMarch
Sight Line TileApril
Mercury MosaicsApril
SOMI TileworksApril
Clay Squared to InfinityMay
Lea Way DesignMay
Sheryl TuorilaMay
Tina SchowalterJune
Earth Wood and FireJune
Kathleen Mellin Grubbs LLCJune
Elfstone StudioJuly
Deb LeAirJuly
Stone Hollow TileJuly
Ceramic ChinnAugust
House on the Hillaugust
Hohn & HohnAugust
Belvedere Art TileSeptember
North Prairie Tile September
Syzygy TileworksSeptember
Fay Jones DayOctober
Martha Coursey Mosaic Tile WorksOctober
Tile Restoration CenterOctober
Pewabic PotteryNovember
Untapped ResourceNovember

Welcome New and Renewing Membership 

Friend Membership
Chris Madsen


Business Member
Tile Restoration Center
House on the Hill

Super Member
Sligo Creek Tile
Bloomington Art Center
Volunteers needed!
Looking to get involved in making the Handmade Tile Association better?  We will need some people to help us with a variety of projects from office work, writing, social media helpers, distribution of directories. If you are Interested? Click here to help. 

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