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Our 14th Year

Welcome to the November 2013 spotlight on Handmade Tile Association artists. We feature three tile artists every month, plus links and resources (at right) to many of the tile events, gallery shows, and workshops featured around the country. This months features three artists a the Minnesota Tile Festival. 

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Copper Swan Studio
Katie Thomson
Minneapolis, MN


Building a life of art
Sample tile swatches
In 1999, I made my first tile mosaic as part of a Millennium public art project. And that was that: I had found my art. Today, I have my own ceramic tile studio, plus a mosaic workshop, and also rent time in a second ceramic tile studio with additional resources.

For several years, I've been looking for a way to translate the kind of tiles I love to make into "things" that are as beautiful. I didn't want to just make and install yet another kitchen backsplash. And I don't want to just make and sell boring tile by the pound.

So I thought... what else do I like to see, and collect? Well, antique and vintage cabinets. I especially love the handmade ones. I mean, really, what's not to love about a toolbox some fellow made from wooden cheeseboxes? Or tin oil cans? Who does this anymore?

Result: I decided to give a new life to neglected antiques, sometimes incorporating my handmade tiles to add that special zing. Voila!

I enlisted my favorite craftsman to do the parts I can't (like... measure once, cut twice. No, wait...) Meet Mike!

And the name of the shop.. Copper Swan? Well, I designed my studio so that, while sitting at my workbench, I have a wide view of the wetlands here at my home. While I work I can see egrets, ducks, geese, Sandhill cranes, and trumpeter swans. The cranes are the loudest, but the swans are the most beautiful. And copper? My favorite metal to work with. Warm and beautiful.

That's what we make: Warm and beautiful boxes and cabinets to treasure. They are unique, and they are classy. Enjoy.
Contact Info

Katie Thomson 

 Pewabic Pottery
Pewabic stile showroom

Pewabic Pottery is an American Art Pottery that has been proudly making handcrafted tile in Detroit, MI, since 1903. We use our century-old expertise to create both modern and traditional tile designs. Pewabic tiles can be found all over the country, from fine buildings to public art installations to private residences, and are a leading choice for design professionals and homeowners alike.

What we can do for you

Pewabic offers a variety of tile options, including our Stratton, Revelation and Custom Tile Collections, a complete line of decorative accent tiles, custom-designed tile murals, and commemorative and donor recognition tiles.

making tiles

Our knowledgeable Designers, with over 40 years combined experience working with Pewabic tile, are here to assist you with any of your project needs. We offer services ranging from site visits to project design to custom tile creation, and will work with you one-on-one to understand your individual needs.

3x3 eternal knot

To discuss your project, specific design needs or to make an appointment, please call our Design Studio Coordinator at (313) 626-2030 or email


Pewabic Pottery
Clay Earth Studio
Lakeville, Minnesota


 I am a visual story teller. I design and make: clay tiles, sculpted relief; hand carved pottery; photographs and drawings that depict the beauty of an ephemeral or reflective moment.

Magic Forest
BIOGRAPHY: In 1999, I left my duties in a traditional job and in 2000 began to work seriously in clay. I participated in shows and galleries, and took many other steps as a fledging entrepreneur. My work has been in the Minnesota State Fair three times and has one 2nd place once.
During this period, I continued to work despite a bicycle accident in 2001 which left me with permanent injury. I have recently moved to a new home and am looking forward to a productive new year. I am delighted that both my family and art helped sustain the love I have for life, beauty and the world in which we all live. I am a life-long learner and enjoy sharing what I have learned about clay and the lessons of beauty, resiliency and discovery clay offers


Contact Information 

Linda Taylor
As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association.LLC  

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