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Our 14th Year  



The Handmade Tile Association members had the last formal meeting of 2013 at Jan Hohn's home in St. Paul MN on October 16th. The main agenda item was the assessment of the Minnesota Tile Festival. Where do we go from here on this event?
Basically no one is content with the show. It is not achieving the goals it needs to be successful in almost every category. It has never made money for the organization as a fundraiser, it has actually lost money every year. This year was only a loss of under $110 but still a loss. The festival has been going down in attendance since we came back to the American Swedish Institute site in 2012. The vendors are not making enough money to want to continue to register for a booth. Many other issues add to these complaints.
There have been many positives that have come from the MN Tile Festival that are felt through out the tile community locally and nationally. Handmade Tile is definitely on the radar of many home owners, designers and the media since the inception of the MN Tile Festival. Much of the awareness came from the tile festival showcasing the amazing variety and quality of handmade tile and mosaics. Over 9000 people who attended the Minnesota Tile Festival over the past 12 years. People who attended spoke high praises of the show every year. The event has accomplished what it was designed to do. But everyone at the meeting and in other conversations are ready to try something new.....but what?
There were many ideas floated at the meeting like more collaboration with other groups who put on shows or creating one. Home and Garden, Arts & Crafts shows, Home Tours. Some are interested in a seconds sale. No one idea or concept seemed to stand out over the others. Your engagement is necessary to the next type of programing for the organization. Meetings next year will be designed to work on concepts.
The Board Vote
The Handmade Tile Association board has been discussing the challenges and viability of the tile festival since July. The board had a vote on how to proceed after the meeting. The motion was "The Handmade Tile Association will not produce a tile festival in 2014." It was passed unanimously by the board members.
Where do we go from here? All of our success as an association has been about communication and meeting to discuss issues and goals of the group. The end of the tile festival is a chance for the members to focus on new ideas and experiment with fresh concepts. The directory is still showing strong participation. There are needs and challenges to work out for the handmade tile community. Please send the board your thoughts, questions and ideas to help shape the debate of what we want to focus on for 2014.  
Board members
Attendance: Host Jan Hohn
Wendy Penta, Christine Nelson, Alex Chinn, Lisa Trnka, Roger Mayland, Amy Baur, Brian Boldon, Sheryl VanerPol, Josh Blanc, and Margo Ashmore.
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MN Original Features HTA Artists
Distribution at its best
2014 HTA Directory Proofing Party
Spotlight on Artist Schedule
Thank You Volunteers!
MN Original Features HTA Artists
Amy Baur and Brian Boldon were just featured in the series MN Original. MN Original is tpt's award winning weekly arts series celebrating Minnesota's creative community, across all disciplines and all cultures. MN Original increases awareness of Minnesota artists, arts organizations and arts venues, inspires viewers to think about the arts and artists in new ways and cultivates new audiences for the arts by promoting a deeper understanding of the creative process, curating contemporary arts in Minnesota for generations to come.


Distribution at its best
The Society of Mosaic Artists contacted us to ask if we would be willing to have our literature at their booth at the SOFA Chicago, the Art Fair Company and Urban Expositions. SOFA invited SAMA to play a featured role in SOFA Chicago. It took place October 31st - November 3rd. Each year they have a space to demonstrate and share information with over 30.000 visitors.  The HTA sent 300 directories to be handed out. Thank you Laura Rendlen for contacting us.
Jan Hohn of Hohn & Hohn asked to have our directories present at the Total Solutions Plus industry-wide event, providing educational sessions tailored to meet the needs of distributors, contractors and manufacturers. We sent 100 of the directories to be handed out.
If you have an event you believe the Handmade Tile Association should have  a presence please contact us and we will send out as many directories as needed free of charge.

Minneapolis/St.Paul Home Tour
Minneapolis/St.Paul Home tour is going to collaborate with the Handmade Tile Association members in 2014. Last year we did an ad trade with the tour and have made plans for 2014 to do the same. The tour had a number of handmade tile sites. The Handmade Tile Association was allowed to have our directories in the homes and to be present.
For 2014 Margo is asking if Handmade Tile Association artists would be more engaged helping the tour find more homes and staffing the sites where your work would be featured. You would be able to hand out HTA directories and your literature as well as talk to the visitors. All for free. Interested? Contact Margo Ashmore and she will fill you in on the details. Click to the website

2014 tour dates:

  • Saturday, April 26, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Sunday, April 27, 1-5 p.m. 

Your home could be on the 2014 Tour list! Whether you're a homeowner or a professional who worked on a home, click on "submit a home" and follow the instructions. There are downloadable forms that can be emailed in, or use the online submission prompts. We will start viewing homes in November, and we need the bulk of the nominations by January 15, 2014. After that date, we still accept nominations that fill in what's missing. 

2014 HTA Directory Proofing Party

The 2014 Directory Drive is officially over. Thank you for all of the returning and new artists and resources advertisers.
We recommend if you can come to the proofing party on November 15th and 16th from 11-5 at Clay Squared it gives you the best review of your ad and sneak peak of the directory.
For those out of state or can not make the proofing party you will receive a proof after the proofing party to review.


Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association, LLC
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