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Our 14th Year  



kakelugnar -Tiled Stove
There has been a change that is important to highlight in the organization. Many more members have started to take roles in the planning of the Handmade Tile Association events and the organization. This is great to see the energy and commitment to the ideas of what the Handmade Tile Associaiton is all about.
At the last MN Tile Festival meeting we had eight people attend. This is the biggest committee meeting we have had in years. Lots of new ideas are being infused and discussed. We are way ahead in connecting sponsor for the event. Natilie the intern for Trebucet our fashion show liaison has been giving presentations at colleges around the region to get interested fashion designers to partake in the tile festival. She is getting lots of positive interest and a few have signed up already.
Katie Thompson and Bethanie Whitehead have been coming in all year organizing the membership files and streamlining member communications, fulfiling directory requests and reconnecting with previous members to get them to rejoin. Discussions of creating membership benefits with businesses have started. All this activity of volunteers is so important to the health of the organization. This organization is built upon tile artists and community members seeing a problem or issue and going out and solving it for the greater good of the tile community. Keep up the good work.
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Tile artists and Fashion Artists Unite
Artisan Tile Northwest Vol III.
HTA artist wins Monrovia Gold Line Station
Midwest Home & Holiday Show
Roosevelt Library Chooses Handmade Tile Association Artist
Tile Festival Registration
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Welcome New and Renewing Membership
Thank You Volunteers!
Spotlight on Artist Schedule
Tile Showroom Job
Tile artists and Fashion Artists Unite
Angie Doll of A&A
Ready for a new challenge? Want to see your tile creations sashaying down a fashion show runway? Join us for our June 5th meeting to find out how to get involved in this year's Minnesota Tile Festival's Fashion Show

We've invited fashion designers to join us for the later portion of our meeting (approximately 7 p.m.) for a Tile Designer/Fashion Designer Meet & Greet. We'll talk about tile design ideas, fashion design ideas and how we can give a fresh perspective to this medium we all love! You'll have a chance to meet them, have a creative "play date" and collaborate on how best to work together on a project for the fashion show. Together, you will be creating an innovative piece of art in which fashion embraces tile. Bring youor samples and\or marketing materials to show the fashion designers what your style is. 

Join us at the home of Christine Nelson, Christine Nelson Design, 1008 East Minnehaha Pkwy., Minneapolis, MN 55417. Our regular meeting will begin at 6 p.m., followed by the Fashion Designer/Tile Designer Meet & Greet at 7 p.m. Bring your ideas!
Artisan Tile Northwest Vol III

The Artisan Tile Northwest has published Volume III. 2013 tile directory! Check out what the Northwest artists style and tile events they are producing. 

Order your free catalog 

Write us:
Artisan Tile Northwest,
PO BOX 84872, Seattle, WA 98124


Email for a copy click here

HTA artist wins Monrovia Gold Line Station 

"PASADENA California -- Artist Cha-Rie Tang's passion and deft hands in making Craftsman tiles is evident on a recent tour of her Pasadena studio, where she's been consumed with creating the elaborate artwork for the future Monrovia Gold Line station on the Pasadena-to-Azusa foothill extension.

The concept of the Monrovia station's artwork, dubbed River of Time, aims to celebrate "man in harmony with nature" and draws on both the elements of nature and architectural features that are prominent in the small but proud foothill city.


Read more:


Midwest Home & Holiday Show Opportunity

Hey, fellow HTA members! The Handmade Tile Association has been presented with an exciting opportunity to participate in the Minneapolis Home Show. The dates are November 15, 16, and 17, 2013. That's a Friday 1-6,Saturday 10-6, and Sunday 11-5. The Home Show is held at the Minneapolis Convention Center and attracts 10,000 people to the show!
We are looking at having several booths in a special Christmas Shopping area just inside the main entry of the show. Everyone will be going past us! This an opportunity for a LOT of exposure, a chance to talk to the public about what you do as a tile artist, display your work, and sell items to kick off the Christmas shopping season.


This will consist of  10x10 foot retail booth spaces. The HTA is considering having 4 booth spaces, connected together. In this area we will be promoting the Handmade Tile Association and our own businesses.  There will be display space and retail sales space.  
The cost to the HTA will be $500 per booth space. We are looking for a commitment from at least 8 artists. This would bring the cost down to $250 per artist. This is less than the cost of a space at many craft fairs in smaller venues with far smaller crowds. The more people we have, the less expensive it will be! (If there are more artists, the cost will go down, less it will go up).  
We need to hear from all those interested ASAP! The booths are available on a first come, first served basis.  Please join us at the HTA meeting.  We would love to talk further and get your input. 




Kathy Mellin Grubbs

Roosevelt Library Chooses Handmade Tile Association Artist Sheryl Tuorila

Tiles for Roosevelt Library

Roosevelt Library 4026 28th Avenue in South Minneapolis has been gutted and complete renovated and just reopened on June 1st. In the process they had a Call for Public Art. Long time Handmade Tile Association artist member Sheryl Tuorila won the commission. Artwork scheduled to be installed early August. This is a One Percent for the Arts Project. Click here you can follow Sheryl's progress on her facebook page 



Next Handmade Tile Association Meeting

Wednesday June 5th
Time: 6 pm to 8 pm 

Where: 1008 E Minnehaha Pkwy  Minneapolis, MN 55417

(612) 750-7821


Host: Christine Nelson Design


This is our last meeting until the fall. It is a very important meeting we hope you can attend. 


Our meeting will have two sections. From 6 to 7, Christine Nelson will talk about how to work with Kitchen and Bathroom designers. Then from 7 to 8, Fashion Designers will show up and be introduced to the tile artists. 


We encourage tile artists to bring samples to showcase your wares and style. The goal of this meeting is to introduce the fashion designers and start to collaborate with the tile artists. You do not need to have a booth in the tile festival to participate with the Fashion Show collaboration

Sheryl Tuorila samples

It will also be a great way to meet other aspiring artists and build bridges through collaboration of fields. We are expecting between 12 to 20 fashion designers. We hope to match that with our members.

We want to welcome

the fashion designers to our tile world and hopefully we will create a long term relationship with fashionista all over the world! See you there.


Pot Luck

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If you are not in the Minnesota region, consider creating a meeting of tile and mosaic artists in your area.  The HTA can promote your meeting through this newsletter and on the website, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It is a great way to learn and promote tile ideas!

Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association, LLC
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Bonnie Fercho

Sticky Earth Studio
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Thanks to our Volunteers!
We want to thank our membership team of Katie Thompson, and Bethany Whitehead, who is working on membership renewal packets. 
We are about to start working on our new website. We will need some people to help us with updating the new site. If you are still interested in helping, we are interested in you!  We are willing to pay $12 an hour for service, or trade for advertising. 

Get your 5 hours in and save money on your advertising!

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Spotlight on Artist Schedule
USA MapSpotlight on artists for 2013... 
If you are next,
gather any new images, information or news you would like to be highlighted. Send them to the HTA by the first of your month.
Pasadena Craftsman Tile
Earth Wood and Fire
Deb LeAir
Stone Hollow Tile
Untapped Resource Inc.
Suzanne Crane Fine Stoneware
North Prarie Tile
weaver tile
Mercury Mosaics
Dean Tile
Elfstone Studio
Stephanie Kaczrowski
Tile Restoration Center
Timeless Tiles
Status Ceramics
Copper Swan Studio
Pewabic Pottery
Clay Earth Studios
David Aichinger Tile Co.
Our Creative
House on the Hill

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Tile Showroom Job

Tile X Design is looking for a creative design consultant for sales and design with tile, stone and glass. Sell to designers, builders, homeowner and walk-in customers. Guide them in tile selection based on their needs, rooms and budgets. Furnish them with samples and selection information and tile specifics. Good listening is a valuable and necessary asset. Support other showroom staff with daily tasks including showroom floor displays, answering phones, labeling product and putting away samples stock.


Attention to detail is a skill necessary for writing selections, specifying design and gathering samples. This position requires an ability to work with various personal and design styles, sometimes more than one customer at a time, and to be sensitive to product properties and delivery for each client.


The showroom is open Monday through Saturday. Evening hours include Mondays and Thursdays until 8pm and Saturdays 10-3. 2 positions: part-time evenings and Saturdays as well as full time with some Saturdays. Compensation based on experience and creative skills.


Thank you for your interest.


Judy Dunlap

Showroom Manager


P: 763.268.0359

F: 763.551.5999