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Our 14th Year  



In our April meeting, we met with two architects and one interior designer. Susan Nackers Ludwig, Ashley Mitlyng, and Anne Klemm gave us a well-thought-out presentation that generated many excellent discussions on how architects and designers use and gather information on spec'ing handmade tiles for their projects.

Our gracious speakers put together a a packet for our members' benefit. You can click the three links below to see the full presention they gave at the meeting...


Here are some highlights you need to know...

"Where can we architects and designers find you?"  
  • Internet (We are probably looking here first.) 
  • Showrooms 
  • Studios (Is your work studio open to the public?)  
  • Art or Trade Shows 
size chart "When we are looking for tile, what information are we looking for first?"  
  • Colors, patterns, designs 
  • Material: Porcelain, ceramic, glass.... 
  • Finish: Matte, glossy, crackled... 
  • Sizes: Length, width, thickness, nominal vs. actual. (With handmade tiles, don't be afraid to put a disclaimer on the size, we just want to know what to plan for when laying out a design.)  
  • Where can we find a showroom to see the  a design?
  • Where can we find a showroom to see the tile or how do we get samples?

And speaking of samples...

  • Is it possible to get samples?  
  • Are they free or are they available for purchase?
  • Main reason to get a sample: Color verification. Samples can be scrap pieces in tiny sizes.
  • Is you do send samples, label them with as much info as possible 
Don't forget pricing $$$... 
  • Cost per sq.ft. or per tile
  • Shipping 
  • Customization cost  

General Notes 

  • If it's easy to use and easy to understand, we will spec it.
  • We are visual people. We respond well to diagrams of the sizes available and images of installations.
  • It's ok to tell us to call if we want more information. Make it easy to call and get answers. Don't wait two weeks to return a phone call.
  • Teach us. The more we understand your process the better we can work together.  



Hosts:Susan Nackers Ludwig, Ashley Mitlyng, Anne Klemm   

Attendees: Jan Hohn, Kathy Grubbs, Leann Johnson, Seran Kayserilioglu, Roger Mayland, Deb LeAir, Katie Thomson,  Susan Frame, Lisa Trnka, and Josh Blanc.

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2013 American Mosaic Summit
Trend Report: Artisan tile
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Welcome New and Renewing Membership
Thank You Volunteers!
Spotlight on Artist Schedule
Tile artists and Fashion Artists Unite
Angie Doll of A&A
Ready for a new challenge? Want to see your tile creations sashaying down a fashion show runway? Join us for our May 22 meeting to find out how to get involved in this year's Minnesota Tile Festival's Fashion Show

We've invited fashion designers to join us for the later portion of our meeting (approximately 7 p.m.) for a Tile Designer/Fashion Designer Meet & Greet. We'll talk about tile design ideas, fashion design ideas and how we can give a fresh perspective to this medium we all love! You'll have a chance to meet them, have a creative "play date" and collaborate on how best to work together on a project for the fashion show. Together, you will be creating an innovative piece of art in which fashion embraces tile. Bring youor samples and\or marketing materials to show the fashion designers what your style is. 

Join us at the home of Christine Nelson, Christine Nelson Design, 1008 East Minnehaha Pkwy., Minneapolis, MN 55417. Our regular meeting will begin at 6 p.m., followed by the Fashion Designer/Tile Designer Meet & Greet at 7 p.m. Bring your ideas!
Tile Questionaire
Seran Kayserilioglu is a tile artist who recently moved from Istanbul, Turkey, to Minneapolis. She is very excited about the Handmade Tile Association and volunteered at last year's tile festival. She has joined the committee and has developed a questionnaire for an article(s) she is writing for European and United States tile magazines to feature the HTA. In the coming months, she is planning on contacting many of our tile artist members to gather information to write her article.


If you are a Handmade Tile maker in USA, you are more than welcome to fill out the form and reach her with your contact information. She will be happy to send you her questionnaire about Handmade Tile Business in USA.


Click here to get in contact with Seran


Thank you for your collaboration.

2013 Twin Cities Bungalow Club Home Tour
Clay Squared to Infinity tiles on the tour
The Twin Cities Bungalow Club was the first group to recoginize the Handmade Tile Association. Their membership cares deeply about handmade objects and thier homes.

Bungalows are also how home owners really came to know tiles on a personal basis. Your chance to visit homes of the early 20th Century is coming 

Saturday, May 11, 2013
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Bungalow Club members free; non-members $5 


Tour starts at 4333 45th Ave. S., Minneapolis (south of East 42nd St. and east of 42nd Ave. S. in the Longfellow neighborhood) 


For more information:  612-724-5816

Next Handmade Tile Association Meeting

Tuesday May 22nd
Time: 6 pm to 8 pm 

Where: 1008 E Minnehaha Pkwy  Minneapolis, MN 55417
(612) 750-7821


Host: Christine Nelson Design


This is our last meeting until the fall. It is a very important meeting we hope you can attend. 


Our meeting will have two sections. From 6 to 7, Christine Nelson will talk about how to work with Kitchen and Bathroom designers. Then from 7 to 8, Fashion Designers will show up and be introduced to the tile artists. 


We encourage tile artists to bring samples to showcase your wares and style. The goal of this meeting is to introduce the fashion designers and start to collaborate with the tile artists. 

Sheryl Tuorila samples

It will also be a great way to meet other aspiring artists and build bridges through colaboration of fields. We are expecting between 12 to 20 fashion designers. We hope to match that with our members.

We want to welcome

the fashion designers to our tile world and hopefully we will create a long term relationship with fashionista all over the world! See you there.


Pot Luck

Like us on Facebook 

If you are not in the Minnesota region, consider creating a meeting of tile and mosaic artists in your area.  The HTA can promote your meeting through this newsletter and on the website, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It is a great way to learn and promote tile ideas!

Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association, LLC
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Thanks to our Volunteers!
We want to thank our membership team of Katie Thompson, and Bethany Whitehead, who is working on membership renewal packets. 
We are about to start working on our new website. We will need some people to help us with updating the new site. If you are still interested in helping, we are interested in you!  We are willing to pay $12 an hour for service, or trade for advertising. 

Get your 5 hours in and save money on your advertising!

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potlight on Artist Schedule
USA MapSpotlight on artists for 2013... 
If you are next,
gather any new images, information or news you would like to be highlighted. Send them to the HTA by the first of your month.
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