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14th Year


Welcome to the March 2013 spotlight on Handmade Tile Association artists and tile events from the around the United States.  We feature tile artists every month, plus links and resources (at right) to many of the tile events, gallery shows, and workshops featured around the country.

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Enjoy the spotlight.
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Alma Artisan
 Tina Schowalter
Alma Wisconsin


My name is Tina Schowalter. I live in the majestic town of Alma, Wisconsin, between the beautiful bluffs of the Mississippi River. I chose the name "Alma Artisan" for my studio not only because the town of Alma is awe inspiring, but also because the word Alma means "spirit" or "soul" in Spanish. I love the idea of inspiring another person's spirit while also giving from my soul.
textures for tiles
I am currently focusing my attention on my Texture Tiles. My intention is to create a grouping of tiles which are all different yet seem to belong together. It's my way of embracing the chaos of life and celebrating diversity. To my surprise, it is much more difficult to create a random effect than I thought.
textures by tina
textured tiles
I am currently developing and testing many glaze combinations. I really love the way these glazes flow and break into multiple colors. It really adds to the handmade charm of the tiles.

I have included a technique I use for making a tile I call "Spirit". I begin with very wet clay cut to finished size. I place it on a banding wheel and spin it gently. I find the center with my finger and press into the clay, working outward to create a spiral. It is so simple--yet so elegant. This design has been one of my personal favorites for a long time.

You can see one of my "Spirit" tiles in the photo below, at the center of the bottom row.

The directness of the human touch in clay is what makes the "Spirit" design so appealing to me. I knew I just had to include this design into my Texture Tiles. I feel it creates a focal point within the group.

My Texture Tiles are currently available by contacting me directly at 608-685-ALMA. I welcome studio appointments. I will also be offering Texture Tiles online in the near future. To see more of my work, visit my website at


     Contact information:
Alma Artisan
Tina Schowalter

S1415 State Road 37

Alma, WI  54610



Michele Corazzo 
Chesterson, Indiana 

You could say my children got me involved with nature tiles. I joined a group that hiked around local nature spots as a monthly two-hour reprieve from my small children. That's when I started s
ketching plants from life. The ladies who led us were only interested in wildflowers, so that became my specialty. 


Wild Ginger
Then the sketches became tiles, and the tiles eventually became murals. Now, on my own, I search out specific plants: Ferns, native dune plants, grasses, plants in the spring, summer and fall... I always begin with studies from life.

My murals are done as if the scene were on a scroll, going from left to right. Beginning at one end, I start by drawing on six columns of unglazed bisque tile. Then I remove the first four columns (which I number, glaze, and store). After that, I add four blank columns to the other side.

This process is repeated until I get to the end. As a result, I never see the entire piece until after the firings. My numbering system has to be very accurate!

Contact Information 
Michele Corazzo
551 Graham Drive
Chesterton, Indiana 
Creative Photos Inc.
Dave Bargabus 
Waite Park, Minnesota


We specialize in sublimation printing on ceramic tile, as well as other media such as glass, fabric, and metal. Sublimation printing is a process that dyes the image into a polyester coating on the ceramic surface, resulting in a vivid, colorful and durable image.

Virtually any photograph, work of art or other image can be 
sublimation printed from a hard copy or electronic copy of the image. In the case of hard copy, the original image can be returned unharmed after the printing is completed.

Single ceramic tiles can be used as a coaster, trivet or framed for tabletop display. Murals of any size can be custom printed on tiles from 4x4" to 12x12". These tile murals can be used as a kitchen backsplash, shower wall or be mounted and framed as an interesting wall hanging. Pricing is based on the number of tiles and individual tile size.

Samples of our work can be seen at We accept PayPal, most credit cards and cash as payment methods. 
Appointments to see more samples can be made by calling Dave at 320-240-9106.

Contact Info: 
Creative Photos Inc.
Dave Bargabus 
1010 Diamond Willow Circle


Next Handmade Tile Association Meeting

Tuesday April 23rd 
Series with the Pros - Topic Architecture
Susan Nackers Ludwig of Vivo Architecture and Design and Anne Klemm LEED Green Association will give us a presentation and discussion on the collaboration of architects and uses of Handmade Tile in Architecture projects.
Where - Danish Teak Classics in the Northrup King Building 1500 Jackson ST NE 2nd Floor 



Josh Blanc
 Handmade Tile Association.LLC  

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