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Welcome to the February 2013 spotlight on Handmade Tile Association artists and tile events from the around the United States.  We feature tile artists every month. links and resources (to the right) to many of the tile events, gallery shows, workshops featured around the country.

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Enjoy the spotlight.
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Fay Jones Day
Monroe, Oregon 


Fay Jones Day Welcome tile Fay Jones Day is a tile maker, not a tile company. Fay makes handmade Arts and Crafts style accent tiles in her cottage studio, in rural Oregon.  "I have always been happiest when making things with my hands.
I keep my process low tech. My hands are my main tools. I press my tile into the mold by standing on it, instead of a tile press. I apply my glaze with a brush, not a spray. All  tiles are made from my original designs and all work is done by me." It is wonderful to know that, years after I am gone, my tiles will still be adding beauty to people's homes."


fay jones tree These tiles were designed for Bungalow restoration projects and new Craftsman Style homes. However, they fit well in cabins, vacation homes or anywhere that people want woodland themes.
Many of the tiles feature Fay's signature textured background, that resembles hammered copper. Also unusual is the raised self-frame. Fay makes accent tiles in 6", 4.25" and 3", as well as Alphabet tiles and Number tiles. The tile motifs are simple and crisp which makes them "pop" in any installation. 
These tiles have been installed in fireplaces and kitchen back-splashes across the country. Tile collectors buy them to frame as Art. "Most of my tiles are ordered by home owners, but I like to work with designers as well," says Fay.  The 6" by 11" Craftsman Welcome Signs are especially popular because they make such good gifts. People often buy one as a gift and then one for themselves.

  fay jones oaks


Tiles can be ordered directly from the Website or purchased at one of the retail locations (listed on the website). Fay ships tiles all over the US and Canada. Email or phone for a free brochure or a glaze sample.


Contact information

Artist Block·

Syzygy Tile

Lee Gruber and David Del Junco

Silver City, New Mexico  
Sygma Line - 14720+NEBULA+-+MAHOGANY+GREEN
Syzygy Tile recently introduced its Sygma Line consisting of six designs. According to owner and designer David Del-Junco, "My vision was to create an undulating surface with a single relief tile that, when repeated, depicts multiple patterns; something mid-century in feel with a modern sensibility."
Artist, Stephani Stephenson, at Syzygy Tile displaying a relief tile mold during her 2012 CLAY Festival workshop
Artist, Stephani Stephenson, at Syzygy Tile displaying a relief tile mold during her 2012 CLAY Festival workshop
Another vision of Syzygy Tile comes from co-owner Lee Gruber, director of the Silver City CLAY Festival. In the summer of 2013, Syzygy Tile will again serve as the official hub for the second annual clay-centric event, holding public tours of their factory and tile-making process. In addition, Syzygy Tile will host several workshops showcasing clay, ceramic artists, and their craft.
Syzygy Showroom Manager, Patrick Hoskins, leading a 2012 CLAY Festival tour through the factory 
Syzygy Showroom Manager, Patrick Hoskins, leading a 2012 CLAY Festival tour through the factory
Contact Information 
Syzygy Tile
106 North Bullard St
Hohn & Hohn Inc
Jan Hohn
St. Paul, Minnesota


Stone Hollow Tile deco tile, North Prairie field and Hohn & Hohn Installation 
Hohn & Hohn, Inc. has excelled in tile installations for over twenty years. Jan Hohn of Hohn & Hohn, Inc. is passionate about tile and the seemingly limitless choices; is sensitive to historic tile restoration and/or replacement; keeps abreast of innovation in the tile industry; and willingly works with client, designer, contractor, and architect to achieve the installation the client desires. 
Clay Squared and River Run
Clay Squared and River Run - Hohn & Hohn Installation 
Hohn & Hohn, Inc. is an award winning installer winning the prestigious NTCA (National Tile Contractors Association) TileLetter Grand Prize for Residential Installation in 2011. Other winning installations were awarded in 2004 & 2010. 
Mercury Mosaics
Mercury Mosaics - Hohn & Hohn Installation
Hohn & Hohn, Inc.was designated as a NTCA Five Star Contractor in 2011 and employs certified tile installers. Jan is also very active on the national level as she is on the NTCA Board of Directors, sits of the NTCA Technical Committee; NTCA Methods & Standards Committee; and chairs the NTCA Training & Education committee. She also is a board member of the Handmade Tile Association.

Contact Info: 
Hohn & Hohn 
Jan Hohn 
 1190 Summit Ave
St. Paul, MN 55105 


Next Handmade Tile Association Meeting

When - Wednesday March 13th at 
6:00 Tour of Jan's Amazing Arts & Crafts Home Meeting at 6:30
Where - Hohn & Hohn
 1190 Summit Ave
St. Paul, MN 55105 


Demo from the tile setters of the Handmade Tile Association.

  • 1. How to set basic tile and how to set trim over a counter   
  • 2. How to deal with corners - Where should an installation start and end  What can a tile maker do to help make pieces to deal with the edges or corners of an installation?  
  • 3. Talk about the right adhesives and grouts we should recommend. Where do we get them, what should we avoid. A cheat sheet will be available to attendees 





Josh Blanc
 Handmade Tile Association.LLC  

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